Why is this Alcatel A30 not supported?


Hi, I just bought this phone for my daughter (exact one in the link), but the RW app is saying it is an Unsupported Phone. I updated the system software to the latest. Any thoughts?

Alcatel A30 Now Compatible with Republic

Did you make sure you got the GSM version? Only that one works with RW.
The other CDMA-Verizon version will not work.


Yes, it is the GSM version.


At Settings -> About phone -> Build number; what do you see? Mine is J6CU6C1. Additionally, do you have the Amazon ad-supported variant?


I just looked in the system properties on my phone and it lists the model as 5046S…the compatability list has the model number 5046G. Note, as stated, I bought the phone that is linked to above, and it is definitely the GSM version. Unfortunately, the Amazon listing doesn’t seem to show an exact model number.


Build Number: vEBAV
It is the ad supported version.


Is it possible you purchased the Alcatel A30 PLUS rather than the plain Alcatel A30? The plus variant isn’t supported. How much did you pay Amazon, $59.99 or $79.99?


I definitely bought the A30 (no plus). If I click on the link in the first message, Amazon tells me at the top that I bought that exact phone 3 days ago. I paid 59.99.


According to Alcatel support 5046S is the CDMA version and 5046G is the GSM version. If you ordered the GSM version you need to contact Amazon because they sent you the wrong one.

In addition here’s a mention in the product Q&A:


It’s possible that Amazon sent you the wrong phone. I’ve had that happen before.


OK, thanks! I’ll check with Amazon.


Amazon is sending a new one…hopefully they get it right this time. Their label on the outside of the alcatel box is incorrect, so presumably they have a few of these mis-labeled in whatever warehouse it came from. I can just see the 5046S model number under their label, and I didn’t notice that the bottom of the box has a little “Works with Verizon” logo.


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