Why is this phone not on Republic? Can we push for it?

Who? The folks here on the forums are mainly customers…not Employees at Republic.
Sometime Employees with comment, and SouthPaw is Community Manager and RW Employee.

If you got an email or someone told you this…then they are wrong or it is not coming from an official source, or u may have misinterpreted what they said.

Please provide your source for this statement you are saying u were told.

No. You dont seem to understand.
That is a COMPLETE list of the Approved phones that customers can use with RW.
What other phones they have tested or tired, is not published.
Having a list of other phones they tested and deamed in-compatible would not be of any real practical use and would only serve to confuse folks.
It is simple…if the phone is not on the list…you cant use it…period.

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Same folks told me that. and it was good…BEFORE they changed to Google Fi and allowed all non fi phones and had unrelaistic promotions.

It was about 7 months ago now since i dealt with Fi. Am still waiting for them to refund me and to honor their promotion. Every contact I mange to have with them is “it will come next bill cycle” Lies.

And you want updated info…read their forums…plenty of active users there complaining of the same issues i have months ago now.

No they don’t. They never have. Using any other phone is not only not supported, it is a violation of the terms of service and grounds for termination of service.

It is not an incomplete list. It is a 100% complete list of phones that are authorized to work with Republic. Period. Republic is a business. They choose what you can use with them. They’ve decided there are certain criteria. You don’t have to like these criteria or even agree they should exist, that is your prerogative. But the fact is the list DOES exist and the phones are on it are the ONLY phones allowed to be used with Republic. Your option if you don’t like the list is to take your business elsewhere. There is LOTS of competition.

No! No! No! This is stated here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help and here: How to Bring Your Own Phone to Republic Wireless (BYOP) – Republic Help Notice that here they don’t say to try it: Can I Use a Blu Phone with Republic Wireless? – Republic Help or here either: Is There Any Way to Use a Flip Phone Through Republic Wireless? – Republic Help Republic’s policy is crystal clear. Any phone other than the phones on the list is unauthorized and a TOS violation.

I think you are confused by Republic saying get a Republic compatible phone and try it on the default sim card gsm, if it doesn’t work and the phone supports cdma then we can send you a free cdma sim.
They don’t say buy any phone you want and see if it works. As pointed out earlier, they specifically say you can’t fo that.

If you try to use a non approved phone on Republic…the RW app will just first come up and say “This phone is not compatible” and will not allow you to activate or use service on the device.

So…try and buy…simply will not work and only result in you wasting your time.

Seriously though… if you want to use a phone that RW does not support, then go to Metro (my Tmobile) they offer 2GB plan for $30 (taxes/fees included), which is only $5 more than RW is and u will be using the same GSM cellular network that RW GSM is.

Hi Folks,

This has turned into quite a spirited conversation, and I’m not quite sure why. I see no reason for there to be arguments going on in this topic about the nature of some other carrier’s support. Let’s keep the conversation on track, folks, please. That means, it is not necessary to debate every sentence someone writes for each nit-picky nuance. The question here is whether we support a specific rugged phone.

If we can’t keep this on topic, I’ll need to lock this conversation.


I understand you’re interested in a rugged phone. That’s a reasonable request. We haven’t had a rugged phone since the DEFY XT, and some of our DEFY XT users are hanging on to it for just that reason.

Our product team does evaluate phones constantly. We can’t post a list of all the phones that we can’t support. So we post the very specific list of those we do, and the rest we either can’t support (yet), haven’t tested (yet) or will not support.

I’ve reviewed your ticket history. Please note that multiple tickets will be merged into a single open ticket. This way we can focus and maintain the full context of the conversation. Your open ticket is available when you sign in at: https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/requests/1633957.

In reading through your ticket, I do see that our support team sent you a free SIM card as a courtesy, but I do not see where anyone told you to buy the rugged phone and try it with our SIM card. That is not how we determine compatibility. We have a very specific list of supported phones. Only those phones are supported. If the phone you want is not on the list, it is not supported and will not work with our service at this time. I can state that with confidence, because I know it to be true.

I’ll make sure our product team is aware of your interest in a rugged phone, but adoption of a new model is not a quick process. If you need to make a buying decision in the near future, your time would probably be better spent researching a carrier that does support your preferred phone rather than waiting for us to support it. Or alternately, looking for a phone that we do support and a case that will help it survive your rugged lifestyle.


As demographic information
I’m a long-time RepublicWireless customer that was seeking support for a CAT S60 or S61, because work dictates an infrared camera in a robust package

That Cat S60 is several years old, runs Android 6, and is dual SIM. All things that mean it won’t be coming any time soon.

In addition, the phone has neither the Sprint nor T-Mobile LTE bands and would therefore be incompatible with both of Republic’s network partners.

It appears that the S61 is more modern with the right LTE bands for T-Mobile, but it is also dual SIM which as of right now puts it out of consideration for use on Republic.

Thank you for the prompt reply. My concerns over the standards changes (GSM) and support is what led me here.

I’d deduced your likely judgement, so it was more demographic information.

The FLIR is required, the question becomes as a sensor for the Moto G6 (fragile) or a carrier switch or a rugged stand alone camera.

Again thank you

I know you mention the add-on, here are two that appear to work with the G6:



Again thank you, I’ve been in contact with FLIR about their 3rd Gen sensor the judgement being they “should” work.
And I may just need to fabricate a custom case because as you say the standards end is nigh

The S61 is a new phone running Android 8, with an update for Android 9 in the works. While it is not CDMA compatible, it does support LTE bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 17, 25, 26, 28, 29, 66. That being said, the reason I don’t have a Cat phone is that they don’t receive much in the way of updates once they are released, and the price for being rugged is a bit too high (even with my employee discount).

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@louisdi & @Iceczar I owned one of those stick on FLIR cams. Gen 2 , just before the current Gen 3 models came out.
It was a neat toy…that had a battery life of about 5min. Well below the advertised time.
Not powered by the phone.
FLIR, after a lot of effort and back and forth emails and calls, did an RMA, replacement unit same thing…junk.
FLIR is a terrible company…I spent near $300 for a “Professional Tool” direct from them, that was useless. They refused to refund me or replace/upgrade me to the current “improved” model, even if I was willing to cover the cost difference.
I even bought the same model a few months later on Amazon, to see if that was the same thing, it was. Junk.

Perhaps they improved their so called smart phone add on devices…but I do not hold much faith.

FLIR makes excellent standalone camera tools however, most are very very expensive though.

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