Why isn't the Moto G3 listed as a bring your own phone option?

Title says it all.

The moto G (3rd Gen) that works with RW is a special model with hybrid firmware. It only works on the 2.0 plans and is no longer in production.

Simple answer: Because it’s not technically one. Only the Republic modified Moto G3 works with Republic.

So I COULD buy one on ebay as long as RW is listed as the carrier.


Next question: would a SIM for another country work with the modified firmware?

The legacy phones, Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 and E2 can not be used with any other SIM, foreign or domestic.

Thanks to all. Guess my dtr will be getting the big ole G4 for her travels.

If you buy that phone anywhere but Republic Wireless, you will be put on TMobile’s network. So make sure TMobile works for you. 4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

Even if one buys the phone from RW there is no guarantee it would ship configured to work with Sprint or if simply swapping SIM modules works with phones configured for CDMA. As I recall someone tried swapping a CDMA SIM with a GSM SIM (or visa versa) with unsatisfactory results.

Shes’s going to Cuba in ten days, so I won’t take any chances on a phone that might not work. Thanks again to everyone for responding!

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