Why must I use an area code when I'm calling another, "local," number within that area code?

I just transferred our old numbers to our new Republic phones and plans and can no longer call numbers I used to without adding area code. So now I have to go into all my “local” contacts and add the area code to each saved number?

Yes. With cell phones all calls require a 10-digit number.

Largely it’s because Republic is a VoIP carrier, and the design is rather agnostic to location, and thus area codes are needed as the VoIP network doesn’t necessarily know where the phone call is coming from.

And honestly I suspect fairly soon you’ll dial ten digits for all numbers.

welcome to the 21st century

most phone centers have upgrade equipment to a IP backbone calling over pots line and now require 10 digit dialing, (my area has been force to dial 10 digit since the 1990’s when they overlap an area code during the pager boom)

VOIP don’t have the concept of local vs long distant just an IP address as the caller could be anywhere in the world there no way for the routing server to know where it’s at (even cell phones don’t have this as ones cell phone can be used anywhere the provider has service some carriers mimic this by treating the area code as local and auto populating that is it’s not dialed (you can set this up your self here the instructions Enabling your 7-digit dialing habit (by @southpaw@rw when she was @southpawkb)

even this is not great solution as some area codes cover hole states while others cities have a few area codes in them

the big advance of cell phones is they store the numbers so entering area code only needed once and when the contacts are sync to Google you can do this on line here https://www.google.com/contacts/?hl=en&tab=wC

OK, yes, I get it now. Thank you all for your explanations!

Hi @elspethi.w8lu8d,

If you prefer to use seven-digit dialing, it’s possible with help from the app described here: Enabling your 7-digit dialing habit.

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