Why Must Phone Be So Huge?

It may seem surprising that my hands and my pockets are the same size as they were in 2005! I have tablets and laptops, what I want is a modest-sized phone.
My Moto Pur is getting a bit boggy in spots and the battery may be tired.
How about offering a simpler phone under 6 inches?
I’m looking at a Galaxy S10e, but I want adequate processing power and memory. Will it keep up for a few years?
There must be plenty of people looking for a robust, non-giant phone.
Please suggest.
Thank you.

You are not alone in expressing that preference. Not being alone, however, is not the same as being in the majority. Phone manufacturers tailor their offerings to what they believe the majority of the market wants. For better or worse, phone manufacturers believe the majority of the market wants larger phones (specifically larger screens). This is true of both Android manufacturers and Apple’s iPhone.

Given the phone’s age, this would not be unusual.

You may see which Republic compatible phones meet that criteria here:

It’s last year’s model, however, Samsung’s Galaxy S10e is a robust high-end phone. It will more than keep up for a few years.

There are certainly some. The market does not believe there are enough to warrant offering more smaller phone models. Republic is only able to support that which the manufacturers choose to produce.

If the Galaxy S10e is attractive to you, it’s a more than fine phone. Otherwise, we would need to know more about what is important to you in a phone beyond size.


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