Why must purchased data expire on billing date instead of a month after purchase?


My apologies if this has been answered elsewhere and I’m simply incompetent at search… but for the life of me I can’t understand why purchased data necessarily expires on my billing date instead of a month after purchasing it.

I dare say I would be purchasing a GB here and there much more often were it not for this incomprehensible practice. The last time I needed to travel I wound up having to purchase 1 GB halfway through my billing cycle, and thus wasted much of what I purchased.

Why not at least prorate against billing date, e.g. charge $2.50 for 500 MB when someone is halfway into their billing cycle, 17/30ths if 13 days into the cycle, etc.?

Surely that’s not rocket science grade math…


LOTS of discussion on rollover data…and several topic threads that come up with a search.

TLDR: It breaks the model R.W. has made and to do so would make data cost far more than $5 per GB. Before on the previous plans, data cost $15 per GB.


Thanks, SpeedingCheetah!