Why must purchased data expire on billing date instead of a month after purchase?

My apologies if this has been answered elsewhere and I’m simply incompetent at search… but for the life of me I can’t understand why purchased data necessarily expires on my billing date instead of a month after purchasing it.

I dare say I would be purchasing a GB here and there much more often were it not for this incomprehensible practice. The last time I needed to travel I wound up having to purchase 1 GB halfway through my billing cycle, and thus wasted much of what I purchased.

Why not at least prorate against billing date, e.g. charge $2.50 for 500 MB when someone is halfway into their billing cycle, 17/30ths if 13 days into the cycle, etc.?

Surely that’s not rocket science grade math…


LOTS of discussion on rollover data…and several topic threads that come up with a search.

TLDR: It breaks the model R.W. has made and to do so would make data cost far more than $5 per GB. Before on the previous plans, data cost $15 per GB.


Thanks, SpeedingCheetah!

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Seems quite harsh to me to sell me 1 GB of data the last week of the month, and flush 70 - 80% of it on billing day. Could you let it roll for a minimum of, say 14 days?

As @SpeedingCheetah points out above this has been discussed many times before, it all boils down to providing a service for its members (users) and paying their employees. Republic remains well below the US average in cost, and the model allow them to continue to innovate and provides things like Google Partners with Republic Wireless for Orion WiFi Service

For a bit of perspective on cost

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