Why no Phone Support?

I’ve been a customer of Republic Wireless since the beginning, but I’m on the edge of dropping you for another service.

I’ve been trying to buy the Moto G7 for several days now, and this is completely ridiculous! Somehow, my payment failed. No details, it just failed. Even though I’ve got several thousand dollars in my account, somehow my payment failed. I tried to figure out a way to resolve it, but the email I got had NO HELPFUL INFORMATION. No suggestions, links, nothing. Just the message that the payment failed.

I went to the Republic website and submitted a ticket. I would have rather talked to someone on Chat or Phone and simply resolved the issue in a couple of minutes. Not an option. Great…

I got a nice support email with a coupon for free shipping, but the coupon doesn’t work. Also, the order form FORCES me to finance my phone. I don’t want to finance my phone, I just want to buy it.

Two days, and not only is my issue not resolved, but it’s actually gotten worse. An issue that should be resolved in minutes has dragged out for days and gotten more complicated.

Why is buying a phone so freaking complicated?!?! I need an immediate and complete response, or I will be taking my phone to another carrier that has better support.

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Sorry to hear you having difficulty. Yes. I agree, it is often very much easier to just talk to someone.

Republic has limited phone support and does have a Chat support.
They give you number to call and a code to enter. (or maybe they call you?)
You get this call support after going through the Help Ticket Process if your issue is more complicated.
While I have not made use of this, others have reported here that is is quite usefull.

Why does Republic not have normal Call in Support like others?
Because they are an online only provider and lack physical stores and paying to rent a call center. This saves users money.
If they had the overheard of a call center or physical stores, then they would have to charge you far more per month to use their service.

Here is how to get help. And their statement on why they do not have Call in support.

They also offer Direct on Demand Person to Person support that can help for most common issues:

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Hi @chrisc.yc0dch and welcome to the Community!

I’m sorry to hear of the experience. Rather than attempt to address your individual concerns here, since you mention a ticket and have expressed a preference for telephone support, may I know the ticket number (nothing more)?

With that, I’m able to alert staff (which I’m not) you would like for them to arrange a phone call, which despite Republic not having an inbound number to call is possible.

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Request #1645502

Hi @chrisc.yc0dch,

I have alerted staff that you wish to resolve this over the phone.


Thank you. I just wish they were proactive on this. After all, I’m trying to give them my money. Don’t they want my money?

Hi @chrisc.yc0dch
I feel your pain. However, “I would have rather talked to someone on Chat or Phone and simply resolved the issue in a couple of minutes”…the overhead RW saves on phone support is what allows the lower prices, as far as I can remember.

For example…
My father and I have been on Republic for a very long time. He was so frustrated that RW kept ‘double-billing’ him (at double the rate) after 2 days of his actual billing date…(he is 83 yrs.). We figured out that my nephew was using the account, accidentally, after using the card on file, to purchase a newer device.
Any representative form RW, phone or chat, would not have resolved this issue, …in my opinion.

I was also able to notice he was angry with the Moto 6’s erratic behavior, until I suggested he remove Facebook Messenger from the device…all is well.

The idea of all time call in support, one would think is usefull, but in practice with the vast majority of companies most of us end up calling into for help, does it ever end up that way?

I have had to call in to Verzon, Tmobile, Comcast, Amazon, UPS…many many more. All of them, you do the same long process. Annoying automated system.(you ever try to speak to a person at the USPS…impossible!) Then having to repeat your info and issue to multiple people and get transfered around. Those phone agents, often in other countries and hard to even understand, are underpaid, overworked, and most frequently, just don’t care. Or, their hands are so tied with company policy’s and strict phone call procedure or up-sell requirements, that trumps resolving your issue fast and professionally. I, for one, dread calling into any company. ( i have worked in several call centers in my time)

RW’s online based web forums, online chat, or online social media contactabilty is so far vary smooth and hasle free. Very easy and natural for the modern generation to make use of. The older generations, those not at all tech or online savy, can no doubt, fine such things difficult and undesirable. My grandparents, have to have a physical store to go to get help in person, they will not accept anything else, not even phone support. (“how can a man on the phone tell show me how to use this flashy gizmo” etc. Thus a online based service like RW, is not for them. My mother however, she is well off enough to use popular Internet sites and post to Facebook and web forums.

But yes, very much can relate to just wanting to speak to someone. It is just, usually, much faster and easier to speak out the issue, then to type it all out and exchange text messages over it. I am glad that RW does offer to speak to you if needed.

I see no reason RW won’t call a customer when there is a billing issue. That’s actually a very low cost, and high value thing to do. Not doing it, but generating an unhelpful email (no links, no advice, nothing) is nothing less than short-sighted.

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Hi @chrisc.yc0dch,

I’m sorry to see this has been such a trying experience for you. Our Help team has left voicemail with you and a reply in your ticket.

I’ve personally tested the coupon code you were given, and am seeing the cost of shipping removed from the order.

I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for you as to why you would be forced to use financing. If you’d like to add some screenshots in your ticket, perhaps we can look into that. I’ve not ever seen anyone else mention being forced to finance, so it’s not an issue I’m familiar with.

Our support model offers online chat and our agents can offer an option to call in when the issue at hand warrants phone support. We do not have much information available when a payment fails, but the information that’s available is considered protected information. We must validate an individual as the authorized owner of the account before discussing such matters. Calling to discuss credit card matters would put us at risk of violating federal privacy regulations and could make our members more susceptible to scams.

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I have no record of any attempted phone calls to me.

Hi @chrisc.yc0dch,

Do you see a further reply on your ticket linked here: https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/requests/1645502? Please note only you will be able to see it by clicking that link as you will first be asked to sign into your Republic account.

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The call was made from a 877 number. The agent has tried again, and again reached your voicemail. She has left instructions for you to be able to call in, in your ticket.

As your experience in the shopping cart is so different from what is expected, it might be best to clear your browser history and cache, or try again on a different browser or computer.

I have no missed calls or voicemails. Possibly related to my old and glitchy phone that I’m trying to replace.

Hi @chrisc.yc0dch,

If you access your ticket, you’ll be able to reverse the process and call in to Republic rather than waiting to receive a call. The information you need to do so (visible to you only) is waiting for you here: https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/requests/1645502.

Regarding the shopping cart experience; at step 5 of the checkout process do you see a checkbox for “I want to finance my hardware and shipping”? If so, are you able to uncheck it? If the answers are yes and yes, that should allow you to proceed without financing the phone? You will be asked to input payment information. If there’s already no checkmark in the box, does checking it, then unchecking it help?

By design, it looks like this:

I know that there are a lot of moving parts here…but please be aware that if you are on a legacy RW phone with CDMA or Sprint coverage…then the G7 is not capable of that coverage at this time…and only works on GSM or Tmobile coverage. Just something to consider before you proceed further with this purchase of the G7.

Good news! I received a call request and PIN with the trouble ticket. I called in with my office phone (turns out my phone was having SIM card issues) and we got things squared away.

I’m a little disappointed that my “overnight” shipment won’t arrive until Tuesday, almost a week after I first tried to order the phone. At this point, that’s as good as it gets.

It looks like a lot of the issues and confusion were from the UI on the order form. As a ~20 web programmer, it does not look like the order form was reviewed by a good UX team. Either that, or their suggestions were over-ridden by a high level manager (very common, unfortunately).

Please look at the UI/UX of the order form. It uses several unorthodox methods, which inevitably leads to user confusion. Most of this would have been avoided with a better ordering form.

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I’m thinking of dropping them too. I had few issues in five years. In the last month first my texting was not going or coming in from any provider other than republic. After 14 days it got fixed.
But I can’t send or receive a phone call over cell service, only Wi-Fi. What good is a cell phone if you can’t use it when you break down? I have an elderly mother and diabetic son, so it’s important to have a reliable life line. Republic has not been reliable since March 26. It’s time to switch. I’ve given them long enough.
The last two weeks their site will not allow me to submit a help ticket.

Hi @lorettai,

I went to open a ticket on your behalf, but I see you have a ticket open.

We expect our phones to work on Wi-Fi and cell, and definitely want to troubleshoot with you to solve any issues if that is not what you are experiencing.

Hi Chrisc,

“Better” is what the English language calls an incomplete comparison. Better than what? I know nothing about ordering forms, but I do know that your suggestions would be improved if you listed the techniques that you thought the better forms should include.

As for rejected bills, my first step is to call my bank to ask why the bank refused the charge. Usually, the bank suspects fraud. Just tell your bank that you are indeed making the charge. The bank will then accept. I doubt the denial was coming form RW. More likely your bank was the noncooperating party.

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