Why not have an unlimited data plan, but charge what you use?

What if some people own a small business, or just use a lot of data, but use different amounts every month? Say they use 1GB one month, and another month, they use 10GB of data for some reason? Well if they pay for 10GB a month, and they don’t use it, they will lose money, but if you have an unlimited data plan that you pay for what you use, then if you use 1GB, you pay 20 bucks. But if you use 10GB, you pay 65 bucks. I know, maybe sometimes unlimited data would be cheaper on Sprint and AT&T, but are you really going to use 10 GB? Probably not. Just an idea…

Hi @ZackAttack,

While Republic doesn’t have an unlimited plan, its My Choice plans essentially do what you ask. One can start at $15/month for talk and text, then add cell data at $5 per GB either on a recurring or as needed basis. Details here: Affordable, No-Contract Cell Phone Plans | Republic Wireless.

Since data may be added as needed, as you observe, is there a need for Republic to offer an unlimited plan? By the way, one can max out data with Republic at 15 GB total per month. Candidly, if one needs more than that, one of the big 4 is probably a better match.


Good point, because If you use 15GB, that’s 90 bucks, and most unlimited data costs about 70 bucks for a single line.


It would be good to have the option to go over 15 GB per month if/when needed.

Do you know if that could be done in extenuating circumstances via a Support ticket?

Suppose it could be limited by RW’s agreements with their network providers?

It can not.

We don’t know the reason for the policy.


All we know about the 15GB limit is from Community Forums

Q: Why can’t I buy more than 15GB of data?
A: Philosophically, we don’t believe in cell phone bills that reach $100, so we don’t offer a plan at that price.


I do recall reading the Q&A when the My Choice plan was announced and plan accordingly.

RW’s philosophy is normally going to the extra effort to help out members with an occasional extenuating circumstance. It would be a shame to leave a member out in the cold due to hard data cap that can’t budge. We don’t know what the future may hold.

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No, we don’t, but at this time, the cap is 15 GB. That’s a pretty big amount of data. If someone needs more data than that, Republic just might not be their best option.


Republic does indeed work hard to accommodate members but if the systems are built around not being able to offer more than 15GB (which would make sense since the plans don’t go any higher), it simply may not be possible for them to do.

Being philosophical depends upon choices of ones built in limitations. I get it now. Thanks.

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Some people may be willing to pay over 100 bucks instead of migrating their whole family over to the big four which changes the cost to 300$, so we should be able to have that option.

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Instead of migrating the whole family to one of the big four, have you considered splitting half of your family to a seperate Republic Wireless account? This is my feeble attempt at thinking outside the box.

If my suggestion violates any Republic Wireless terms of service, or in any other way makes no sense to anyone else, I am pretty confident it will be made abundantly clear forthwith…


It does not violate the Terms of Service and might very well be quite the practical solution for some! Happy Cake Day!


Well yeah, you could do that, but what about the coverage. It could be different in some places, but they do work with Sprint and T-mobile, so yeah it’d probably be fine.

Personally, I like the fact that you have to explicitly opt for an increase each month. This prevents accidental overcharges, for example, should one of my kids get a hold of my phone (while it’s already unlocked) and open YouTube or Netflix. My data would be drained in a matter of minutes. If they run through my 1GB, it’s not the end of the world for me to pay $5 one time to up it to 2GB (and just make sure they don’t get the phone back). But if we had a pay-as-you-go unlimited plan, they could run me up 5, 6, 7 GB within a short period of time and I wouldn’t know until next month. I think this is one of the major strengths of RW vs. the big 4. It’s comfort that you won’t accidentally exceed your allotment and run up your bill by accident. Again, if you need more, you can opt for that explicitly at any time.


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