Why not LG phones

amazon is selling LG k30 for $140!!!
I have been with republic from the beginning and shopping for and upgrade. We(me and my wife love this phone–I love the look and functionallity, she love the price) anyone have any inside that this phone will be added to the list soon?

That appears to be a Prime Exclusive phone.
R.W does not comment much about phones that have not been announced for use their service already.

The only phones that currently work with R.W. are the ones are listed here.

Any new supported phones may first pop up here as #news

As far as I understand it…Its a 2 way road.
R.W. has to have some sort of agreement and continuous contact with the device manufacture to be sure that R.W.'s patented software and Bonded Calling tech works with and is not broken by the OEMs software updates or device changes etc.
If the OEM wants nothing to do with R.W., then it wont happen.

There is a survey you can use to submit your vote for a device to be supported: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/new_phones_survey

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Hi @chau!

I definitely understand! There are numerous phones I would like Republic to support. First off, Republic doesn’t comment on which phones are in the works. The reasonsing behind this is, in part, because the phone could fail Republic’s tests and never make it to the supported phone list. That being said, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes testing and logistics that most of us will never know about. Republic has to ensure that their service functions flawlessly with the different Android skins and hardware. Since Republic isn’t like all the other cellular carriers (as it offloads calls and texts on WiFi as well as blends them), it takes Republic time to thoroughly test everything. Republic is also smaller than the big carriers and can’t allocate as much staff to working in new phones. Having a few phones that work great is better than having a ton of them and service being poor :wink: . All that being said, there is always room for improvement and I hope they support more phones from carriers like LG!


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I do hope R.W. does expand their BYOD phone options at some point.
But the market is the big 2. iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

Since Apple is not an option for R.W, Its Samsung and Moto as the primary Android focused devices for support. Generally speaking, Samsung Galaxy being the flagship option, and Moto being the budget to mid range option.
With some other unlocked flagship and budget BYOD options for other USA popular devices.

I wouldn’t call the Moto X4 or Moto Z series budget phones. And, Samsung’s Galaxy J3 and J7 are hardly flagships.

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