Why not use Iphones?

Republic Wireless. If you think about it, you’d get about 2 to 3x the money by covering the Iphone. Ya know. Thousands, even maybe millions if you design a SIM card for The Iphone. But I’d start at the Iphone 5, and cover the newer ones. (Iphone 5s, 5c, 6, 6s, 6 plus, and so on.) You see about 55% (At least) of people in America walking around with Iphones. I know at least 5 families that use Iphones that want to switch. Just think. Design one or two Sim Cards, money comes in.

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Hi @ZackAttack,

Like you, I’d like to see Republic support iPhones. It is, however, not that simple. Republic’s unique blended WiFi/cell service (sufficiently unique to be patented) relies on an app. Currently, that app is Android only. Apple simply hasn’t yet sufficiently opened iOS in terms of providing the needed APIs (application programming interfaces) for Republic to port its’ app to iOS.

One day, I think it will be possible for Republic to overcome the hurdles needed to bring its’ app to iOS but today is not that day. Each version of iOS is somewhat more open than previous versions. iOS 10 was a significant step forward, perhaps, iOS 11 will get us there? Time will tell.

For what its’ worth, estimates I’ve seen give iOS 20-25% of the U.S. market but it’s a very attractive market demographic. I’m quite certain Republic is aware of that.


This has been discussed repeatedly it’s more than just having a SIM card to work in the iPhone it takes an integration within the OS with Google Android has published and needed API’s to make Republic work so far Apple has not publish the needed API’s that would allow the Republic to use as hybrid WiFi first /Cell backup system
I’m sure they are always looking to expand and iOS would be a great expansion for a customer base but until Apple has published the needed hooks to make their system work or it’s not going to happen
With apple being a closed system it really will take Apple to be the one to enable this and to them Republic is a small-time player,
Lack of API hooks in the OS is why the Republic’s Legacy phones [the 1.0 2.0 phones] needed to have a custom ROM to make them work it wasn’t until Android 6.0 that the needed API’s were put in the system by Google, Google included them to enable it’s Project Fi


There’s also the fact that a iPhone is 700$ unlocked which is a price most Republic Wireless customers will not pay.

Most large carriers like Verizon will give you a free iPhone with a contract, something Republic could not reasonably subsidize in a similar way.

Well, Republic sold Samsung’s equally high priced (when introduced) S7s and seems likely to eventually support the S8s. Google Pixels (pretty much iPhone priced) are supported for BYOP as well.

I think there is a sufficient number of Republic customers willing to purchase high priced flagship phones at full price or willing to finance through third parties. If the iPhone were ever to come to Republic, the obvious third party financier would be Apple itself.


Their is also older iPhones going for less on the after market, and a new SE is only $399 on Apple’s site [the 6s is $549 while the 6s+ is $649]
For many the SE would be an ideal phone at 4” and mostly flagship specs


I feel like they somewhat felt me. They said they are starting to code Republic Anywhere for IOS. THX REPUBLIC

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Well the Republic Anywhere on iOS is just to access texting on Apple’s iPads [though being the same OS it would also bring Republic texting to iPhone also] similar to how Anywhere can bring your texting to a PC [Windows,MacOS, Linux]

As far as I know, Anywhere for iOS will work on all iOS 10 devices or later. That certainly covers iPhones but also iPod touches in addition to iPads. Furthermore, plans to add OTT calling are in the pipeline. In time, Anywhere will effectively bring one’s Republic number (though not Republic service) to iOS.

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More than starting to code. First beta iteration coming seemingly real soon and I’m looking forward to it. In addition to my Republic phones, I also have iPhones and other iOS devices in the household. One day, I’d like to have the option of bringing the iPhones to Republic but alas today is not that day.

Republic has also stated that it will need at least iOS 10 Wich rules out all but 1 iOS device I have [iPad 2nd Gen, iPad mini 1st Gen, iPod 4th Gen, all will not update to iOS 10. Only only the iPad 4th Gen has that update on my house hold]

Edit as mobile version of this forum keeps turning my typed iOS in to " is ” :angry:


I put my RW sim card in my iPhone 6S plus tonite just to see what would happen. Worked just fine. So whats up with that?

It didn’t work just fine. What you did was put a GSM cell parther SIM in your phone, bypassing the Republic infrastructure and instead using the T-Mobile infrastructure. Texts sent would go out the wrong number and texts sent to your Republic number wouldn’t get to you. In addition, wifi calling wouldn’t work, sending MMS would fail, as would all features that rely on the Republic App.

Also, because you’re not using the Republic infrastructure you are imposing costs on Republic when you use the carrier infrastructure and violating the TOS, risking termination of service.


I’d really like to replace my Moto E (2nd Gen) but ALL new offerings keep getting bigger. I want smaller! I never thought I’d consider an Apple, but I have to say that I’d buy an SE if it would work with Republic.

Possibly will work with RW in the future? …RW will sell iPhone in 2018


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I would recommend updating to the newer software if you are on an Iphone 5s or later. iOS 10 on the Iphone 5 will be slow. But if you are scared that you might use data, you should get iTunes and back it up to iTunes. If it does crash and lose data, you can restore it to your last backup and your data will be safe.

iPhone users are not interested in saving money, which is the main draw of Republic Wireless.

These are the same people who pay for AppleCare every month after they have already spent $1000 on a phone!


I must respectfully disagree. Among other retailers Walmart (which isn’t exactly Tiffany’s) sells iPhones. Apple’s least expensive currently available iPhone is the $449 32 GB iPhone 7. While hardly a budget phone, it’s also nowhere near $1000. In addition to my participation here, I’m one of Republic’s Community Experts. I and my fellow Experts see numerous questions from folks wanting to use iPhones (and occasionally iPads) on Republic every hour of every day.

Furthermore, Republic sells and/or supports Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 as well as Google’s Pixels. These are hardly bargain bin phones either, yet folks save money everyday using them on Republic.


These are the same people who pay for AppleCare every month after they have already spent $1000 on a phone!
Honestly, yes the prices are ridiculous at times, but people buy them because mostly they get updates longer than motorolas. The iPhone 5s came out about the same time as the Motorola G, and the Moto G got dropped in 2015, while the iPhone 5s still has support until iOS 13 comes out next September. I have recently gotten a used iPhone 6s for 55$, (A steal) and I would love to have it on Republic.

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