Why Republic Anywhere?


Ok. First of all please understand that I’m not knocking the RA app. I’m sure it’s a great app and I’m sure that there are people who love it. However, I just don’t get why I would want it and I’m hopeful that some of you who are using and loving it can help me understand what I’m missing by not using it.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

CONVENIENCE OF TEXTING FROM MULTIPLE DEVICES: Well, I’m one of those people who always has his phone with him, so it’s hard to get more convenient than that.

ABLE TO USE A REAL KEYBOARD ON THE PC FOR TYPING: Since text are simply very short message exchanges, I don’t see that as a big advantage. I can “swype” text on my phone as quickly as I can type on a keyboard.

BATTERY DEAD ON PHONE SO CAN TEXT ON TABLET OR PC: Well, maybe. But I can’t remember the last time my battery actually died and my Nexus 6P has fast charging, so it doesn’t take long to give the battery a boost if needed.

CELL PHONE LOST/BROKEN SO CAN USE TABLET OR PC UNTIL REPAIRED/REPLACED: Ok, that would be a good one. But fortunately for me I don’t seem to lose or break my phone.

So, what am I missing? Please help me understand what I’m missing. Or maybe I’m just not part of the intended audience for RA?


It may be that you are not part of the intended audience. I actually really like it, for all the reasons you mentioned. But I don’t have my phone turned on and with me, 24/7. And that’s fine - some people will find it useful, others won’t.


For me Anywhere is very useful because I can reply to texts during classes on my laptop without getting kicked out of the lecture for having my phone out/on.


I can see that it would definitely be helpful in that situation… :wink:


The same is quite true in meetings, unless you’re the one presenting!! :scream:


I’m quite fond of the more accurate time stamp. Anywhere’s time stamp provides more a meaningful context than the time the message was received, which is what most other messaging apps provide. Of course, this would only matter if you ever turn off your phone or happen into areas with absolutely no service, where text messages are sometimes not received in real time.

I also find it easier to copy and paste text or links from a computer keyboard rather than a phone screen.


I really like RA because I can text and answer texts while watching TV with the wife.
I don’t get asked about who & what I am texting on my phone.
The questions why are you texting?
Who are you texting?
What’s the conversation about?
Your home why don’t they just call?
Doesn’t anyone use phone anymore?

Now all I hear is what ya doing? My answer is my stuff I do in the Phone community. My wife’s comment is Oh you’re helping someone? Answer Yes !

Ahh Anywhere is much nicer than playing 20 unnecessary questions. My wife is great for the last 25yrs in marriage and 5yrs before that! Happy wife happy life! The computer has full access to her & all conversations can be read. I just don’t like the 20 questions when I am concentrating on doing something. I don’t 20 question my wife as she texts or plays games (damn Super Mario Run) and that’s how & why I use Anywhere at home for peace of mind.


I think you forgot one big one, that can’t be anticipated:

Break or lose your phone, won’t have a replacement for a day or two, you can still get to and reply to your texts on your computer. This is only true if you’ve previously installed Anywhere on the phone BEFORE it becomes lost/broken.


I will add one more - my wife has a tablet on which she often likes to play certain games. The phone is too small to comfortably do most of them, just based on image/text size. So now she can receive and respond to texts while playing on her tablet, and that makes her very happy. And since I’m the one who talked her into going with Republic, that’s good for me!


It would seem that when replacing the Republic SIM with an international SIM while traveling would make Republic AnyWhere helpful.


Another good point. Please note, that some users report issues with this configuration unless they also uninstall the Republic App while the foreign SIM is in the phone.

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Thanks for all of the great replies. It certainly sounds like RA is a worthwhile app for many of you, although none of those were “ah ha!” moments for me. Again, maybe I’m just not the intended audience for this app. But then again, maybe I’ll give it a try to see for sure. At the very least I wasn’t aware that you have to have RA installed on the phone before you lose/break it in order to be able to use RA on your tablet or PC, so that is good to know.


Thinking about this a bit more, and especially the comment that RA has to be installed on the phone PRIOR to losing/breaking the phone if you want to be able to use RA on your table or PC while the phone is being repaired/replaced. Would I be correct in assuming that it not only has to be installed on the phone, that it must also be the active texting app on the phone? I use Textra and absolutely love it, so it would be difficult for me to switch. However, if the RA app just needs to be “installed” and not the default texting app, then I could continue using Textra.


Actually no. I just has to have been installed. (It’s an authentication thing).

It is my understanding that this may be changing in a future version to remove this requirement, but don’t quote me, and certainly I have no idea when.


Excellent! I’m going to go ahead and give this a try.

Actually, I’m now wondering if the RA app might actually be more reliable for MMS/picture texts than any of the other apps that I have tried (including the stock messenger and Textra). While things actually seem to have gotten a bit more reliable with the latest Republic Wireless app, sending MMS/picture texts has always been hit and miss for me on RW 3.0. One might think that if RW has written their own texting app, that they would finally be able to fix that problem.


I have generally found RWA to be more reliable.

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Hmmm… I see that RA requires Android 5.1 or newer and my tablet is stuck at 4.1…


My daughter’s two month old phone is not functioning due to a Motorola bug related to the sim card and the phone needs to be replaced by Motorola. We are now on day 5 without a phone and it will likely be another 3-4 days before the replacement arrives. So Republic Anywhere to check texts is awesome when you don’t have a phone for 10 days! However, 10 days without a phone has been really tough. Yes, we had Republic Anywhere installed before the phone broke.

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I like being about to use it on my computer when I’m working on my computer, i.e. not using multiple devices at once.

I’m hoping that having it installed on the phone and computer makes switching to a new phone easier, i.e. if it’s on the older phone and computer first, when the new phone is set up and the app is installed, it will sync the data and automatically bring the data onto the new phone? Does anyone know about this?


In its current iteration, Anywhere only syncs messages from Republic’s servers for the last 30 days. In my opinion, for moving messages from old to new device a backup app remains the better choice. My current favorite and the favorite of others her is:

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