Why shipping and handling a SIM card cost $5 Dollars

I wanted to buy a SIM card and it cost five dollars. When I was about to checkout the total was $ 9.99. I went back to see why and the shipping was $4.99 for a five dollar SIM card . After I seen that I just cancel.

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Republic has to pay the logistics company that prepares and ships orders from its warehouse. It’s not as simple as someone at Republic HQ slapping a stamp on an envelope and mailing it to you (if only it were). While the shipping cost of a SIM might not be all that high, handling costs don’t necessarily change substantially merely because an item is small.

For what it’s worth, the total cost of acquiring a Republic SIM from Republic’s online store at roughly $10 is in line with what other service providers charge for SIMs. Some might offer “free” shipping but the price of the SIM itself is often more like $10 rather than Republic’s $5.

Republic SIMs are also available at Amazon for $1. If one is already an Amazon Prime member, it’s a great price because Amazon offers “free” two-day shipping with Prime. Of course, at $120/year, Prime is not free. If one is not a Prime member, Amazon’s shipping fee is higher at $5.99. The total cost of the SIM would still be a few dollars less at Amazon as opposed to purchasing from Republic directly.


Thank you for the quick reply. Penny pincher me looks at the actual cost of shipping a feather lite item and prefer to the principle of doubling the cost of a 5 dollar product. I will look at Amazon since I am a member. regards Thomas

Despite item weight handling and shipping are not the same thing. Additionally as noted, in the absence of a Prime membership (which one pays for), Amazon’s price for shipping that “feather lite item” would be higher than Republic’s albeit the item cost itself is lower.

Is the phone for which the SIM is being purchased intended to be an additional line of service? Or is the new phone intended to replace a current Republic phone? If the latter, you may or may not need a new SIM:

Amazon charges 99¢ for a Mint Mobile SIM (actually two SIMs – a 7 day trial SIM, and a Starter SIM). Shipping is free, if it is included in the $25 minimum order req’d for free shipping. All the other nonsense aside, if Mint con do this, why can’t Republic ???

Well, Republic’s SIM at Amazon is $1 with free shipping with the same $25 minimum order. The shipping costs at Amazon quoted in my earlier post do not require a $25 minimum order. The minimum order has nothing to do with Republic or Mint and everything to do with Amazon.

Thank you. I didn’t see it there when I looked a few weeks ago – but it is now. I just verified it’s there, and have added it to my next order. Republic works well for me, so I wanted to give a SIM to a neighbor who is having difficulty with her current provider. Thanks again…

Make sure she checks her phone for RW compatibility. She can’t just pop it into any old carrier branded phone.

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Thanks for the input – she has the same phone I do, a Pixel 3a, and Republic works well in it.

Hi @nicholasb.fxfbne,

This is very kind of you. Do you know how to find your Republic Wireless referral code so your neighbor can enjoy a $30 credit on her new RW account?


I didn’t, but I do now – thank you.

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This is something RW should promote more with your existing customer base.

Do you have some ideas for how to do so? We currently include it several E-mail messages we regularly send out, and it’s included in a series of notifications presented when a phone is newly activated. We’d be interested in hearing other ideas.

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Highlight instances where it was used, showing how easy it was to join RW especially when being referred by an existing customer.

There is a huge potential audience out there who still don’t know about Republic Wireless yet, because there’s not much wide reach advertising purchased. RW tends to fly under the radar. RW doesn’t even show up in https://theacsi.org/acsi-benchmarks/benchmarks-by-brand/wireless-service-providers
in the value MVNOs section.

Hopefully that can spur some thoughts for you and your team.

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