Why should I move to Republic?


It’s been a week with Republic and this is what I observe

  1. Not cheap - there are many other companies which offer cheaper service - h2o to cricket etc.
  2. The simple features of a smart phone is not supported. Like the extention feature wait(,) and pause(:wink: . For example say I have to call my work conference call every day- I need to call a 1 800 number and then put in my conference code. In all other service which I have used, I can save the conference number along with the pass code and just a press of the button will dial the phone number and give required pause and then enter the pass code automatically. So handy while driving.AND THIS SIMPLE FEATURE IS DISABLED IN REPUBLIC. Strange.


Each of us must make our own value judgement. If it isn’t working for you then you should go somewhere else. You are not under contract.

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I’ll start by seconding @billg The great thing about the competitive market and being with a no-contract provider is that you can go to another provider that has a better deal for you.

I will disagree on this. For certain users, Republic can be the least expensive option.

If you want no data: Republic $15, Cricket: $25, H20: No unlimited talk/text only plan
If you want just a little data: 1GB on Republic $20, 3GB on H2O $30, 2GB on Cricket $30



Republic is not a good deal if one constantly needs s lots of Data (over 2 GB) but for the under 2 GB it very competitive (about the same as Cricket)
there really is no better option for the 1 GB or less user ($20) and one will not find many unlimited minutes and text for less than $15

Republic is a WiFi first Hybrid VOIP/Cell backup provider in areas that get spotty coverage (rural and in some building/basements) there really is no better option to have quality phone call in these spaces than over the WiFi one already paying for.

I too would love for the wait (pause) in dialing numbers for the same reason you want it but I understand the reason why it is disabled as the hybrid nature of Republic makes this feature inconstant (the VOIP timing is different than the Cell timing of this pause

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