Why should I pick one moto phone over another moto phone?

I have had a moto phone for several years and love the price for what I need. However, I am not sure why I should pick one moto phone over another. I need to consider getting a new phone and am looking for a phone with good battery life, ease of use, and probably a screen the same size as I currently have (hard to consider going smaller). I currently have a Moto G Play…

Any suggestions or comparisons would be greatly helpful. I know that I can do the comparison feature between phones, but I don’t understand some of the details (particularly acroynms).

Here is a Tips & Tricks article that was started by @BillG that provides phone/screen sizes as well as a host of other items for quick compare


Hi @laveenas.azhqcc,

Please let us know which acronyms you don’t understand.

The Moto Power, in particular, is designed for outstanding battery life, if that’s the most important consideration.

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