Why so quiet?!?! Any tricks for pushing the volume on a brand new Moto G4 Play?

Brand new Moto G4 Play as of today. Really like just about everything about it. It’s much bigger than I expected and has a higher quality feel as well. (This replaced a Moto X 2nd gen that died.) But there’s a big problem, possible deal breaker for me. I just bought new speakers and an amp for my workshop and this phone was to be the main music source, via Spotify, partially because of the 128G microSD slot. Anyway, for the last week or so I’ve been rocking out my speakers with a 10 year old ipod touch that cranked out tunes louder than I could tolerate with the amp only turned up 3/4 of the max setting… Now, with my new Moto G4 play phone and the volume turned up to 100% on both the phone and on the amp, the sound level is simply not loud at all. It’s well below a setting that I think most people would consider “loud”, not just me, let alone approaching anything intolerable or dangerous.

Long intro, but am I missing something? I got the pop-up warning on the phone about “turning up past this setting can cause hearing loss” and turned it up past that. Still not at all loud. Turned off ‘normalize volume for all tracks’ in Spotify and still not loud. Equalizer setting in spotify is turned off. So, anything else I should check? Or is this just an issue with Moto phones or Android in general? Is there a workaround? I’m not a phone-rooting guy so if that is the solution I’m probably not interested.

Any help or guidance appreciated.


Note: the speakers and amp are nothing fancy – Dayton b652 speakers and a really small Dayton DTA-120 amp which is designed to work things like phones, ipods, etc. Together, really quite loud with ipod touch; not loud at all with my new phone.


You can try disabling the equalizer in Google Play. I have read some people felt the results were better.(Lenovo/Motorola forums)

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’m actually using Spotify and the equalizer (or Audio Effects) is already disabled. Just for kicks I opened Google Play to look for equalizer and this seems to access the same Audio Effects menu as in Spotify. Messed around with different settings to no avail. When headphones are plugged into the phone, oddly enough, it seems plenty loud and sounds great – no problems. So, I dunno, I wonder why the ipod touch output signal would be so much stronger than this phone? Maybe not relevant to a RW thread but I guess it could serve warning to others who are looking to use the phone in a similar manner.

I too, play a lots of music off my phone at work from Moto Z Play mostly, but also from my backup Moto G Play.(what a great, inexpensive phone that is!) I have about 8GB of my own music stored on each and thanks to Amazon Prime I’ve almost tripled that am’t of GBs to over 23, downloading entire albums of good ol’ jazz, rock and my favorites of classics: string quartets of Schubert, Grieg or Brahms Symphonies, - well, anything that fits the mood at any given time. Since I’ve bought the Moto Z Play I was tempted to get that JBL Soundboost Mod speaker, but decided against it after the ‘mediocre’ reviews started pouring in - so, right now it’s ‘maybe’ if the price drops to maybe $40. I’m very happy with a BT speaker from Anker(don’t know if RW accepts mentioning manufacturer names - anyway I don’t owe any stock in that company but with so many products on the market I had to name it) - this one is called SoundCoreXL 2x8=16W and has, to me at least, unbelievable sound quality, cost: less then $60. Plenty loud, nice bass. I keep it playing ‘forever’ hooking it up to a 10000mA power bank once in a while.

For my microSD stored music(vs. Amazon with their proprietary player) I’m using MX Player Pro which can boost phone’s volume level up to 200% in HW+ or SW (internal) decoder and that’s a big difference maker for Moto G4 Play, It’s much better then Poweramp, sorry Poweramp but the music do get louder on MX Player. I like Poweramp too for their EQ - that can also get the music louder - they have a little preamp slider there, Poweramp does.

Thanks for taking time to reply. Having trouble deciphering… Anyway, I’m set with speakers. I’m set with amp. (Both brand new and both worked wonderfully with my old ipod touch, so they aren’t the problem.) Also, I’m pretty much locked in to using Spotify.

I’ll look into this MX Player Pro thing though I have no idea what HW+ or SW mean? Also, is this a standalone player or can it boost the volume of Spotify?

So, a little bit of reading and it sounds like this is a known issue with Android phones. Ridiculous. I don’t want to have to freakin’ root my brand new phone or download some shady, malware-infested app to simply turn up the sound coming out of my phone. Yeah, I sound like a curmudgeon and yeah, first world problem, but man is this stupid and frustrating. Argh.

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