Why the (2016) price increase? Republic has become... just like any other. (and I will be moving on)

I have had Republic Wireless for a long time, and it used to be great. A cheaper bill, the ability to change plans as I needed, including for the last few years just going WiFi only.

Sadly… plans have changed drastically. There is no longer any good plan through this service. The closest is the build your own for $15+5/GB/Month plan, but when you really factor in those rates… it is worse.

To get a 10GB plan (what I am currently using) would cost me some $15+(5*10=50)=$65 which is basically the same as literally every other plan out there from T-mobile, Sprint, etc.

This means not only are they not competing, they aren’t even better due to the ‘third party provider’ access.

The smaller plans are nicer, but you can literally get 4GB/month for the price of Republic’s 2GB plan. Which means… they aren’t cheaper. At best they are the same, and often they are over priced.

To make matters worse- the plans changed from my original plans (which I admit were a long time ago) my phone was ‘grandfathered’ in to those plans, but now that the phone is basically a brick (4 hours of battery tops, using wifi only and going airplane mode when not needed) I had to look into a new phone, and of course, new phone means I can’t have my old plan prices.

needless to say, I am disappointed in Republic Wireless. You used to provide excellent service at actually competitive prices, now… your just another Sprint or T-Mobile or Verizon or any other provider. Your pricing is the same, or worse, and your coverage is of course the same as the networks you piggyback off of.

This means, in the nicest terms - you are no longer needed, or useful. You don’t provide any benefits over normal providers, you don’t have any promotional or beneficial terms to use over any other - and your not even competing with other ‘third party providers’ using Sim cards - they are blowing you away in plan pricing. I didn’t want to advertise any other companies, but seriously to anyone thinking these plan pricings are good - do some google searching. Look for a green fox to start, and then just compare those prices to Republic Wireless prices.


I have thought about it a lot. I’m paying 2.5 times the amount I want to be paying. I stayed because I love rw. Evn if I move to another provider, I’ll be looking forward to coming back to rw. A new concern with that is, the new owner of rw will probably rebrand rw at some point soon and what happens after that? Do they allow new sign ups after that? What happens to the quality of service/reps?

I have been on the current plan for several years. They have NOT had a price increase, at least for me. In our case, the main appeal of RW is the Wi-Fi-First capability. I rarely use more than 50% of my 1GB allotment, meaning my bill is $20 (plus taxes.) Most importantly, my phone works when I’m at home where I would otherwise not have reliable coverage with any carrier. I know that some carriers (not all) have Wi-Fi calling, but details on their websites are sketchy at best, and are often complained about in other forums. RW pioneered this technology and is still, in my opinion, the leader in Wi-Fi first calling.


I’ve been a member of RW since 2014.
Here’s what’s keeping me a satisfied customer of Republic Wireless:
Good cell coverage in my area;
12 months of service for the price of 10 ($240.91/yr with taxes for Text & Talk + 1G Data);
Anywhere app on my Windows computer;
Extend Home;
Member Community support.


I imagine new plans/pricing will be coming, similar to other Dish Mobile offerings (Boost, Ting), in the near future.

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I am also disappointed. We should be grandfathered with the plan and customer not the phone.
T-mobile honors legacy plans forever regardless of the phone. I have one phone on pay as you go plan when I keep the number alive with 10 dollars a year. I have 6 thousand minutes on in from past purchases but use it only for emergency now. I went through 3 phones already. They do not make plan depending on the phone. That is how it supposed to be. Customer should be grandfathered.
I agree, new plans are not competitive. If I have to get a new phone I will look around for another plan.

To be clear, you’re complaining about a change made 5 years ago and on the eve of what are likely more changes since ownership just changed?

I’ve got a gripe about New Coke that I’d like to take up with someone!


yes, general standing policy that is not customer centered

and new plans are software based so there is no extra expense for legacy customer switching to it. No reason they could not keep legacy price for old customers.

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louis. I see you are an expert. Perhaps you know the answer. I hope that if 3G network is shot down for the old phones we would have an option to keep the phone and plan on WiFi only.
Am I correct ?

They did. There are plenty of customers using old phones on the legacy plans. (Though those phones will have to be replaced soon.)

They were pretty clear at the time that the old plans were unsustainable. Republic had the choice of changing the plans or going out of business. They chose to change the plans. Customer have literally hundreds of choices for other providers if Republic doesn’t fit them any more.

Republic hasn’t announced the plans for what happens when the networks shut down next year. That said, and this isn’t even speculation because I have NO idea what Republic will be doing, but if I was Republic, I certainly wouldn’t maintain legacy infrastructure just to be able to offer the $5 Plan.

Also, to me, as a customer the $5 plan makes no sense at all if there isn’t the ability to upgrade to cellular as needed. In that case why not just use Google Voice, for free, with the same capabilties?


I was just thinking on keeping a number for a while while I am searching for new provider. I have a cool phone number. Also as I travel abroad 5 bucks is not too much to be able to make and receive calls from US without my customers even realizing I am not in a country. But if it is gone, it is gone.

My original plan was something like $35/month for full coverage - meaning 5GB+ data. The Wireless only option is what I was on for multiple years, taking out some $6+ a month for those years.

Due to new phone, new SIM (actually, a SIM, my old plan had a Moto X Gen 1 through Republic, and didn’t have a SIM card at all - part of the reason of the increased prices) it needs a new plan - and they will not allow the ‘grandfathered prices’ in on it - because it is a new device and essentially a new customer at that point. (at least as far as they care) So pay “current” prices - and - looking at current, they aren’t great.

T-Mobile gives a $60/month plan for 50GB Premium Data, Straight talk has similar for 25GB data, Verizon is $70 for unlimited all of these are at first glance, so there might be throttling and such for exceeding a specified amount of data - but you get the picture.

That picture? The “$15+5$/GB” plan (the closest to get to unlimited) is way too expensive comparing them to current prices for a single line at other sources. Just 10GB data would be $65 (5*10=50+15=65) Literally both T-mobile and Straight Talk have better plans for the rate.

As for coverage - Republic Wireless "piggy-backs’ off of other companies lines, like Sprint and Verizon. So chances are, if those have great coverage in your area - you won’t notice a single difference.

As for the ‘wifi first’ system - it’s still not functional as well as it should be, maybe it works better on newer phones, but for me I would frequently miss calls and texts after shifting from mobile data to wifi and back. I would have to manually power off and on the device, and manually re-connect to wifi or network for it to ‘suddenly see’ the message or get the calls.

The final straw for me was my desire for a new and decent phone. The one I chose - is not supported. I know it’s a bit odd, and most people don’t want “rugged phones” but we should be at a point that if it takes a sim- the sim should work with it. Comparing the ‘network bands’ it has nearly all or all (I cannot remember) that another phone that “was” supported had, and a few other network bands on top. It made no real sense why ‘this rugged phone’ wasn’t able to be put on the network.

I have been enjoying my brick of a rugged phone now for a few months using mint as the provider, haven’t noticed any negative changes (except not everyone knows my new number - as republic wouldn’t let me cancel and keep number to switch)

My big point is - If republic can’t even be the same prices for plans as others right now- why should we stay with them? I am now paying like I used to ($25/month) for some 10GB of data. I may not use it all the time, but it sure is nice to have when I do use data. I had a few months of unlimited to try it out first, and see just how much data I would need and so far… I really have no complaints.

And yea, my phone and plan works with WiFi -so i haven’t lost anything, except a bigger bill.

This here ““12 months of service for the price of 10 ($240.91/yr with taxes for Text & Talk + 1G Data)”” worries me that this is acceptable The whole “12 for the price of 10” is just marketingpoo- getting to the facts your paying some $20/month for 1GB data. I pay $5 more, and get 10GB.

@aleksanders.qgubc9 Agreed. I had been a member for absolutely forever (I actually don’t remember how long, how many years I just had WiFi and forgot, etc) but being factored “by phone” instead of “by account” just shows the lack of quality in this system. If I got even close to the ‘grandfather pricing’ I would have factored that in for which new phone to get, instead of the super rugged one I got, to make sure it worked with Republic - but without having any sort of bonus, discount, “thanks for being with us for nearly a decade” or anything - they just don’t seem to care.

@louisdi the issue being that I’ve been on wifi for nearly 5 years or longer. When I finally had money to go to “real phone” I wasn’t allowed the plans I knew, I had to suddenly pay the “new” pricing. There was no consideration for my amount of years of on-time payments in the past, it was just “oh no, I guess you have to get a new plan and a new phone”. There wasn’t even a period of “pay what you did and coast” time - like a 6 month window paying old plan pricing, before the new ones swapped. It is also funny how they claim it was not sustainable for them, when the pricing is directly reflected on my new carrier - the ‘old grandfather plans’ are what are currently being provided. Maybe in a few years they will have to change too, but then again - they seem to be looking toward the CUSTOMERS not the hardware.

Also I looked it up, my old phone has a “phone-a-versary” date that dates back to March 11, 2014. - so 7 years of a customer.

Hi @bradleyl.6u8dy4,

You’ve written some things that I need to clarify, not to create an argument with you, but just to be sure we’re not causing confusion for other members who read your post. I hope you’ll read it with the understanding that I’m not debating you, but simply explaining some of the points you’ve brought up.

Did someone tell you this was the reason? If so, they were very wrong. We value our long-time members immensely, and we don’t consider members to be “new customers” when they upgrade. Our old plans were built specifically for our legacy phones. There was Republic software built into the phone’s operating system that allowed us to track WiFi use and manage cell data access to individual apps in a way we can’t do on the new phones. Additionally, the old phones were built on a partnership with Sprint and when we added the new Clear Choice (later My Choice) phones in 2016, we added T-Mobile to the mixture and were not able to build the same kinds of plans using their infrastructure. There’s far more to building a plan than just making up a price and setting it in a computer. There have to be tools in place with the network partner to allow for the plan structure.

I’m not sure what “piggy-back” means in this context, but we partner with Sprint and T-Mobile for cellular service. Verizon is not one of our carrier partners. Each My Choice phone is provisioned for cellular service on either of our cellular partner’s networks.

And this is exactly why we moved away from our legacy phones that had the plan you preferred. Our members let us know that they wanted more access to more phones, not just three options a year from one manufacturer. We now support over 70 phones (or is it 80?) by 5 or 6 different manufacturers. But our hybrid service means that not every phone can work with our service. It’s realy not as easy as simply putting a SIM card in the phone.

A number has to be active to be transferred to a new provider. We absolutely allow our members to port their numbers to new providers, and folks do it every day. The process is that you request the number transfer with the new provider, and once the number transfers, the Republic line is canceled. We explain the process here: https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005790087-How-to-Transfer-Your-Number-from-Republic-Wireless

I’m sorry to see that our plans no longer meet your needs, and we appreciate your insightful feedback on the topic. I hope you’ll keep an eye on us as our offers or your needs may once again align in the future.


Wow, please explain
“republic wouldn’t let me cancel and keep number to switch”

If I have to buy a new phone and can not continue my price I will definitely go with Unreal Mobile. I already have one phone with them. It is on AT&T network and 2gig of fast data and unlimited slow data(fast enough for all except streaming movies) for $120 a year is a steal.
But I assumed I would be able to move my number.
How it is possible that the Republic did not release a number. I thought that was a law?

A few years ago, I switched from Republic Wireless to another carrier (Total Wireless I think) for less than 30 days. I was able to port out my number with no problems. Then I decided to go back to Republic Wireless, and I was able to port my number from that carrier to Republic Wirless as well.

As a 6 year Republic Wireless customer, I disagree with these sentiments.

For 6 years, I’ve been using Republic Wireless on a daily basis. This company is still very useful to me, and I’m appreciative for their service.

-The ability to do wifi to cellular calling and vice versa on the same phone call is still one (of several) Republic Wireless benefits I’m still thankful for.

-I’m still thankful for the Republic Wireless community as well.

I was one of the first people to buy the Huawei Ascend 5W from Republic Wireless. As a result, I got 6 months of free service. (I still had to pay for taxes and fees, and 1 or 2 months in that timeframe, I “splurged” and spent $5 on data.)

A few months or so ago, I got a box full of things from Republic Wireless because of participating in one of the community challenges.

My most recent bill was $25.14 (including taxes and fees) for unlimited talk and text and 1gb of data. When I talk to people about my bill, I still typically have the lowest priced bill. On top of that, I don’t feel at all like $25.14/mo is a very high cost for phone service. I probably will be taking advantage of buying a year’s worth of service in the future.

Because Republic Wireless got out of their custom ROM and went with the My Choice plans, they were able to allow people to have MUCH more phone selections. People didn’t even have to buy their phones from Republic Wireless anymore (although they did have to make sure it was compatible with Republic Wireless).

Additionally, if you haven’t tried a newer phone on Republic Wireless, your experience of how Republic Wireless works probably is at least in part outdated.

Not all Republic Wireless customers are the same
Many months, having 1gb of cellular data is fine for me. I am getting to the point where I may consider getting 2gb of cellular data on a more regular basis, and if I get the yearly plan, I think I’ll be basically paying the same that I am right now on a monthly basis.

I remember checking my wifi data usage on my phone, and I believe it was 22gb or something like that. I typically am around a lot of wifi, so I don’t have that much cellular data needs.


Hi @aleksanders.qgubc9,

If you have the DEFY XT, Moto E1, Moto E2, Moto G1, Moto G3, Moto X1, or Moto X2 and you replace it with any other supported phone, your plan would change. All the other phones we support activate on the My Choice plan. If you have any other supported phone now, then your plan would not change.

As I mentioned in my reply, of course our numbers can be transferred. As with other carriers, the number has to be active, not canceled, to be transferred. When you set up your new service with Unreal, you’ll initiate the transfer, and after the number has transferred out, then your line at Republic will be canceled.
See: https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005790087-How-to-Transfer-Your-Number-from-Republic-Wireless for detailed instructions.

There are just a few providers who refuse to accept Republic numbers. As far as I know, Unreal is not one of them. Those we are aware of are listed here: https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/articles/115013853047-Why-Can-t-My-Republic-Wireless-Telephone-Number-Transfer-to-some-carriers-