Why the difference?

I’m confused as to why there is a difference / discrepancy between what my Moto G5 Plus phone, under Settings, Data Usage, says I have for remaining data and what the RW application says I have for remaining data. i.e. under Settings, Data Usage, it says I have 464 MB of data remaining, (May 10-June 9) yet the RW App (App 27-May 27) says I have only 102 MB remaining. Which one should I believe?

Hi @markg.evcmpi,

It looks like you have a different start date set in the Android Settings app. If you adjust those dates to align with your Republic billing cycle date, do the totals seem closer?

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I am not certain if Moto does it differently now…

But the Android System settings for Data Usage has always been how much total data is used, not how much is left.

Though, u certainly will have a discrepancy if the bill cycle dates don’t match up to your actual cycle.

Thanks Southpaw,

That was it. Didn’t know I could adjust the timeline.

Thanks again!


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