Why was order cancelled?


I placed an order for a SIM card so I can start a RepublicWireless phone account. I didn’t cancel it, who did and why? Is another carrier easier than talking to the internet help??

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Hi @kevinj.xqxjmz

The most common reason an order gets canceled is the issuer of your credit or debit card declined the purchase. What I’m about to say I say as someone who once worked in a bank’s anti-fraud department. Bank’s run software that looks at purchase patterns of how one’s credit or debit card is used. If the pattern seems unusual (to the computer) payment is declined. I appreciate that for the price of a SIM card as opposed to say a phone, this seems ridiculous and I’d certainly agree it’s overkill but I’ve personally witnessed it happen at the bank I used to work at.

You might check in with that credit or debit card issuer to verify what I described above isn’t the case. Alternatively, since Republic’s store now shows 3-5 days for order fulfillment on SIM card orders (tack shipping on to that). you may just want to order from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Republic-Wireless-Starter-Prepaid-Carrier/dp/B01J63NYAO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1480958937&sr=8-1&….


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