Why won't BYOD work in my area?

I browsed the BYOD page and it said BYOD is not supported in your area code. Why not?

Not area code, but ZIP code. This means that Republic’s data shows that the GSM carrier partner (who is the only carrier available for BYOP SIMs) has lousy coverage in your area and your experience won’t be good.

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Hi @brians.uaapj0

While you can bring your own phone into Republic Wireless, the service behind Republic Wireless, BYOB, and the sim cards is a GSM cell carrier (T-Mobile)

When inputting your zip code on the website, the tool will try to cross reference your local area to the cellular coverage which may not be so good where you are.

The non-BYOD phones are capable of running on Republic’s other CDMA partner (Sprint) which may have service where you live.

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Thanks Yes I meant zip code. T mobile service works here. I used ATT & T mobile in the past and it was fine. By non-BYOD phones, you mean the ones Republic sells?

Erm… interesting.

Do you mind sharing what your zip code was again and which web page you were typing it into?

I have to figure out where all the documents are officially for the new platform but here is the older document about coverage including links to the CDMA and GSM maps.

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I am in Madison, WI, 53717. According to the coverage maps on your link it shows Madison with CDMA and GSM coverage.

Ah! I see a potential reason.
Looking at the GSM coverage map which should reflect the BYOD service, it is right at the boarder of the GSM coverage area. To the west, you quickly hit a roaming talk and text area while to the east, you have better coverage.

How about this, if you have a compatible BYOD phone for republic and if you know the exact areas you will be using the phone and the maps look good, go ahead and by yourself a SIM card to test out. With the current promotion going on, you have 6 months of free service to try it out. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work and you can try another provider with better coverage for you.


I might do that. If it doesn’t work I am out $35.

You may only be out $4.00 for the card shipping. Cards are free now and your $30 for 1st month of service should be refunded if canceled within 14 days.


Great thanks.

Wow. I didn’t know the Republic Wireless sim cards are free! :open_mouth:

Normally $5 but during this promotion no cost except shipping.

Makes them a buck less than at Amazon at this time and come with free service offer if used with a “BYOP” and other conditions met.


I bought an unlocked Samsung Galaxy J3 from ebay which republic website said wouldn’t work well in my area due to it’s software. I ordered the repulbic sim card and activated it on the $20 plan. The phone works well here. Voice, text, and data are all good.

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The maps and methodology aren’t perfect. Republic tends to be over cautious. Something in the data tells them that the GSM partner doesn’t have great coverage there. It’s great that you’re having a good experience despite what Republic systems thought you would have.


I spoke too soon. With my J3 voice only works with wifi. Won’t work with cellular. So I may as well use Groove or Hangouts for calls instead of Republic. But data does work when on LTE which is worth the $20 for 6 mos promo I have.

if data works then voice and text should work
make sure VoLTE is turn on in the setting (may be needed if there only band 12 LTE in your area)
also try rebooting the phone in a known good area


Where is VoLTE setting? I don’t see it anywhere. I went to Mobile Networks and it says Republic for Network operators. Network mode says LTE/3G/2g auto connect. That is all I see.

Samsung Galaxy Note & Galaxy S series
Tap Phone > Keypad tab.
Tap More options > Settings.
Tap Call > Voice over LTE settings.
Tap Use VoLTE when available or Do not use VoLTE.

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Thanks for your help. I have Samsung Galaxy J3. I can go here:

Tap Phone > Keypad tab.
Tap More options > Settings.

But there is no option for Call Or VoLTE. Still not seeing anyway to set this.

seeing that I do not have a Samsung J3 I going to tag some one who I believe does perhaps they can assist

the other option would be to create a ticket and see if support can do anything to improve your coverage (though most likely not with the J3 as it is also a GSM only phone)

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