Why won't my headphones work in my Moto G4 Plus?

Yesterday, my moto g4 plus stopped recognizing my 4 pole jack headphones that has a mic. It would only play audio through the speakers. If I plug them halfway then it would sometimes work but with low quality. The headphones work on all other devices. I tried a different pair and the phone recognized them but again low quality. This pair of headphones was a 3 pole jack. I recently installed Android Nougat a few days ago. I have read of other people having the same problem. I have gone into safe mode and factory reset my phone and nothing has happened. Will there be an update to fix this? The jack port seems to be fine. What should I do?

Hi @douglasc.xj3bsw,

I’m sorry you’re having this experience. It would seem you’ve ruled out a hardware issue with the specific headphones. Likewise, you’ve ruled out a conflicting app via safe mode. If a factory reset didn’t resolve the issue, it would tend to indicate either a hardware issue with the phone or, perhaps, something related to the Nougat update itself?

Please know Republic has nothing to do with Android operating system updates on new 3.0 phones. Republic’s supported 3.0 phones are all North American factory unlocked variants. Republic makes no modifications to Android on 3.0 phones. Nougat was pushed to your phone solely by Motorola with no involvement from Republic. Republic cannot fix Motorola’s update, if that’s the issue.

You reference reading of others sharing your experience. Particularly, if these folks are not also using Republic, I’d suggest a conversation with Motorola. If you wish that conversation may be started here: Live Chat.

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