Why won't my new phone connect to a Bright House wifi hotspot?

Using a brand new Moto G 3rd Gen with Android 5.1.1, ordered from Republic. I’ve tried connecting using both the RW app and the Moto wifi interface. I’m assuming since its a cable wifi hotspot that there’s a log in page for cable subscribers, but such a verification page never pops up anywhere. The wifi says it is “connecting” or “obtaining an IP address” but then it disappears and drops back down into the wifi list, having been labelled “Saved”.

WiFi connection issues are most often password related. I recommend the following steps in the Settings- WiFi screen.

Press and hold on the wireless network.
Tap Forget.
Tap on the wireless network again.
Enter your password. If you want to make sure it’s correct, you can tap Show password.

**If you decide to use these open hot spots, make sure you connect manually and then forget the network after using them. Otherwise your phone will try to connect to one every time you pass one. **

To connect to one, make sure you have the “Help me with extra verification” box checked in the Republic app.

If you see the white triangle with the explanation mark it in the notifications location of your main screen, (top left) then you will need to drag your finger across it and down and select “verify now.”

If that doesn’t help, then try opening your browser and type in “CableWiFi”, brighthouse or brighthousewifi in the address box to try to bring up the captive portal.

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