Why won't my text messages send most of the time?

What phone do you have?
I have a Samsung Galaxy A20.

What plan are you on?
Talk & Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
No, just talk & text.

Issue Description

Okay, so I’m bad at explaining things so bear with me. I used to have this issue, but it sort of stopped and recently it’s become an unbearable nuisance.

I’d say about 70-80% of the times I send a text, it doesn’t go through.

I’m using Google Messages because I’m not able to use the stock Messages app that came with the phone with Republic Wireless. Sometimes my messages send as a light blue text bubble (SMS), and sometimes they send as a dark blue text bubble (RCS, Google’s weird format).

When I send a text via SMS (light blue bubble) and it doesn’t go through, I have to lightly force quit the app by swiping it away, toggle my mobile data on and off rapidly from the swipe down menu, and then reopen messages, and it sends. But when I’m not connected to WiFi and my phone tries to send the message as an RCS (dark blue bubble), the only way to resolve it is by force stopping the app in settings, toggling my mobile data on and off rapidly, and then starting the app again. And even then, this doesn’t always work. It seems to be sporadic in whether or not it sends things as SMS or RCS.

And another thing: I don’t have mobile data, it isn’t included in my plan. I can’t use it if it’s toggled on. But, if it’s turned off, I can’t do anything, I can’t even send normal SMS messages.

Overall I’m just really confused, why can’t I send SMS without having mobile data on even though I don’t have it, why does toggling mobile data on and off sometimes fix my message sending problems even though I don’t have it, why do my SMS messages have trouble sending more often than not, and why does Google sometimes try to send messages as RCS when I’m not connected to WiFi?

Oh, and I forgot to mention that this issue very rarely affects incoming messages. I usually get them, but sometimes they’re a little bit late, and very rarely do I not get them at all. With a very select few of my contacts, Google Message ONLY sends messages as RCS; I could be having a conversation no problem with one of my friends while a text to another one of my friends stays perpetually at “Sending…”, and then when I fix the issue by force quitting the app and turning mobile data on and off, the issue comes right back the next time they send me a message.

Idk if I knew what to google to try and solve this problem I would have done it, sorry this is so all over the place but I don’t know what the problem is.

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.Your phone needs Data for some RW Processes to work. RW don’t charge you for them but the key is the mobile data needs to be switched to on and left there and you should have no problems. You have a smartphone ok even the phone knows it needs data to work. All smartphones use a little bit of Data but I never notice the loss & I am only paying $22.50 a month. Beta discounted that is.

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Data must always be kept on in the android settings. RW uses it for text and other underlying functions. However any data used for these functions are included free with your basic service plan. The data that you would be charged for is for cellular data (surfing, email, video, music, etc). Wifi data usage is not counted against your data plan.


Hi @sarahhmitchell,
Welcome back to the Community!

I would start by disabling RCS in the Google Messages app. It’s not a Republic supported feature at this time.

Here is how to disable it:

See if that helps with your texting issue.

PS: Your Post was great! :slight_smile:


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