Why won't my texts go through when on cellular


whenever I move off of WIFI I cannot receive texts. Why?



Hi @gregoryl.nukpfq

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To get us started, which phone do you have?

Which text message app are you using?

How is your service where you live? Is it 4g or LTE? Does it say H or 3g, or does it say R or have a little triangle?

A few more details about what may be going on can help us get on the right track to your answer.




We have 2 new Samsung GS7’s

We are using the Messages app that came with the android phone from Samsung

As it turns out the phone could not get messages when on or wifi nor using the cellular. I would get a notice that someone sent me a message but then a box showed where the message should be but it said 0k a spinning circle and :downloading but it never came. When I sent a test message using the cellular to my wife it said it was sent but my wife received no notification at all.

When on cellular in Sarasota Florida mine said LTE my wife’s standing next to me did not say anything other than she had 3 bars. Can’t say what it had in terms of little triangle and R. We just switched to Republic yesterday so still learning. Both traveling about today so we are going to continue to test to see how well it works when not in our house on WIFI.


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