Why your Republic Wireless order or return may be experiencing a shipping delay

Some members’ orders have encountered shipping delays due to the adverse winter weather experienced in parts of the country. All shipping carriers have been impacted by this weather event and are working diligently to deliver all delayed shipments as soon as possible.

If you don’t live in an area experiencing adverse weather conditions, you may wonder why your order was affected. Republic Wireless’ orders are shipped from a distribution center located in Chicago, IL. This distribution center has remained operational throughout the adverse weather conditions, fulfilling our orders on schedule, however, the shipments from this facility were heavily impacted.

Most of our orders are shipped using the FedEx Express network, where the main hub is located in Memphis, TN. This location was heavily impacted by the weather, and closures and delays impacted all shipments going in and out of this hub. While the map might show that the shortest distance between Chicago and your front door does not include a route through Memphis, sending each package individually from point to point is not how a world-wide leader in the shipping industry operates. FedEx Express routes packages through a hub-and-spoke system to move packages with a high degree of efficiency all over the country. Packages sent from our Chicago location pass through the Aurora, IL hub, then continue to the main hub in Memphis, TN before they are routed to their delivery destination. The adverse weather conditions affecting these hubs, along with the extent of the winter storm’s impact
in many regions of the country, created a backlog which is impacting shipments across the country. Other shipping carriers (USPS and UPS) are experiencing similar situations in their networks due to these events as well.

We have partnered with FedEx for several years now and we have been extremely pleased with the service they provide. The National Service Disruption they announced due to the severe winter weather has been a single difficult incident in an overall stellar partnership. FedEx is doing everything they can to process and deliver every package in a safe and effective manner, with a high priority on the safety of their employees. The adverse conditions, the Memphis closure, capacity limits with transport, and processing at other hubs is going to take time to resolve, even well after the storm is over.

If you’ve recently returned an item, you may grow concerned as you await your refund and see that your return shipment has been delayed. Our return processing center in Dallas, TX is also in an area impacted by adverse winter weather. This center has remained open and continues to process returns, and we have taken precautions to extend our return timeline so that your refund is not denied if the shipment fails to reach us by the original deadline due to a shipping delay.

The Republic Wireless team and our partners are working around the clock to track and make sure each order is fulfilled and delivered, and that each return is accounted for. We strive to ensure that every order and refund is delivered in a timely manner, but we are not immune to these unprecedented conditions. We are seeing improvements and most orders are delivered, or nearing delivery, but we are also contacting individual members whose orders appear to be impacted further, to make sure these members are aware of the situation at hand.


I checked the status of my shipment and it is still in Memphis. They said I could register for more specific tracking info, but when I did so, they said ther wre sending me an Activation Code. I find it hard to believe, but they are not sending me the Activation Code by email or by text message, can you believer they are sending it by snail mail.
Who woud have thought that FedX would be so backward. Please tell them that your clients expect FedX to get ito the 21st Century. Why would they spend extra money to send the Code by the slowest method possible. Please tell them they need to do better to retain your business… Blesings, Marty [Personal information redacted]


This is a valid security measure. The “more specific” info includes access to all FedEx packages coming to your address. In order to verify that you actually live at / control that address mail is sent. An email or a text wouldn’t confirm your address.


Hi @martyu.asjpfz,

Welcome to our Member Community! I’m terribly sorry that your package is in Memphis. How long has it been delayed so far?

This is meant in general, for future packages, not as an immediate “more detailed” tracking information about the package that’s currently in Memphis. Signing up for their service, with the address validation is worthwhile in that in the future, you’ll get notifications any time a package is heading to your address, and updates along the way. As @louisdi mentioned, this isn’t something you’d want a fiendish neighbor signing up for on your behalf, because then he’d know any time a package is heading toward you, who it’s from, and when it’s due to arrive, and he might be there to intercept the more choice deliveries.

If what you’re actually wanting for this particular delivery is to receive notifications when the package begins to move from Memphis toward your home, you can sign up for SMS notification specific to this shipment. That way you don’t have to drive yourself crazy remembering to check the tracking info every few hours.

So, instead of selecting this option for Delivery Manager - which is the long-term solution for all of your packages…

… go back to your tracking page and select this “Get Status Updates” option:
That will then allow you to select E-mail or SMS, and select the type of updates you want to receive for this shipment.

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