Wi-Fi authentication failures

Purchased Google 4a to replace Moto G (1st). Managed to effect transfers successfully. I cannot get wifi password authentication to permit w-fi internet…Passsword is correct as I use a laptop and the old Moto G gets wireless wi-fi access w/out problem. Have re-booted my Frontier modem and powered off/on both old & new phones. The 4a sees the Frontier network but cannot authenticate. I don’t want to burn my 1Gig on cell network.

The most common reason for authentication failure is an incorrect password. Make sure you get the uppercase and lowercase letters correct. That sometimes still trips me up.

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Triple checked…it’s something else I can’t figure out, Thanks nevertheless.

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If you’re sure the password is correct (and it sounds like you are), try forgetting the connection on the phone and then a re-connection with your password.

Have you tried connecting the 4a to any other WiFi access location? :thinking:

Also, are you running any kind of vpn or security software… something that might interfere?

I tried the forget of the Frontier network connection but ‘No joy’…I guess I’ll try location/network change this evening when ny daughter is available. I’m not smart enough to know about your third comment…so doubtful. Thank you for the welcome and assistance.

Here is a troubleshooting aid from Frontier. It may help

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