Wi-fi calls on Moto G 4th gen


I still cannot get my husbands Moto G 4th gen to make wireless calls


Hi @michellew.x8ushz,

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When you say “still” could you tell us more about what you’ve already tried?

When you say “wireless” do you mean on Wi-Fi, cell, or both? (People use the term “wireless” in different ways.)

  • Does the Phones Android App (Settings/Wi-Fi/your router/network ) end up showing ‘Connected’ when you attempt to Connect? If not what does it end up showing?
  • If able to Connect then check the following:
    • Republic App/Settings/Cell data settings and ensure it is ON
    • Republic App/Setting/Advanced Settings (under Notifications) … Check both ‘Show cellular data disable’ and ‘Show roaming disabled’ This will then provide you a notification if the settings in Android are wrong to support RW calling


Got it. Thanks!


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