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I have a Moto e 4th gen and i can’t connect to Wi Fi. My settings just allows me to turn on and off with the Wi-Fi ICON not search networks and log in


Here is what the Support Notes show in How to Connect to a WiFi Network on a Motorola Phone – Republic Help

  • Is this occurring at home or elsewhere?
  • Has this worked before?

it was set up with the home Wi-Fi when i got the phone. Now the settings ICON only offers an ICON to turn on and off Wi-Fi. My husbands Moto G setting opens to show Wi-Fi first then Bluetooth etc. Mine only shows ICONS and is useless for and other settings like volumes for alarms rings or anything


I don’t have an E4, but volumes etc aren’t included in the Quick Settings on my X Pure, and I have to pull down 2 times from the top and select the Settings :settingsicon:
Here is the customization that is provided to set up you Quick Settings

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It sounds like you’re just seeing notifications prior to opening the Quick Settings. On both my G4s and X Pure I can access the Quick Settings by either two single finger swipe downs or one swipe with two fingers. Once opened as @jben’s link indicates it’s easy to edit the QS to allow what you want to access. Most of the common setting are there by default. Keep in mind QS is also available from your lock screen.


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