Wi-Fi does not wake up from Doze


Almost every morning I have to turn the Wi-Fi off and on again. After that it is good for the whole day.

I have “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” set to Always. I have uninstalled several apps, but that did not help. Is there a way to configure Doze from not shutting down the Wi-Fi?



My understanding of Doze is that it initially shuts things down if phone is idle >1 hour, and subsequent periods between waking up then increase by factor of 2 (ie 1hr, then 2 hour, then 4 hour). Republic has made some headway in overcoming this Android problem, however It appears that folks migrating to Nougat are still experiencing the ‘doze’ problem… please see latest update on Is your phone losing its WiFi connection while sl…

  • You may want to use **MacroDroid - Device Automation - Android Apps on Google Play **and cover the problem as outlined in the above discussion
  • However, I would suggest you review the link above, however because the usual reporting of ‘fails the same’ conditions seem to vary from phone to phone and presence/absence of cell the best thing that I would suggest is to open a Ticket with Republic Help
    • I would provide them will as much detail as you can, including the time and number you called along with your description of the problem. (and of course your question … they may shed some light to you in the ticket as you work with them through the issue)


Doze does not shut down WiFi at all, it just gives control to Google Play services to manage phone wakes and communicate with the apps. We should probably not focus on Doze, that may lead in the wrong direction. Need to focus on why the WiFi disconnects. I would still guess it is an app. try the phone in safe mode for a night.


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