Wi fi keeps cutting out on my phone

When my phone sits idle for a time (3 hrs. or more) the wi fi appears disconnected ( no fill in the republic arc). How do I keep that from happening?

Assuming that your phone is of the newer generation, it probably is because of Androids Doze. This function shuts down many things to save battery, and unfortunately it also shuts down WiFi. Android has made available a seperate cell based function to wake up WiFi when triggered and Republic has instituted this, however many have experienced that a weak cell combined with Doze results in Calls coming in or Cell or going to Voicemail.

  • This has been discussed often in the forum and the latest ‚Äėworkaround‚Äô is outlined in Doze Detect & Recovery the link will take you to a comment that will provide you the How-To

Republic Arc is flaky on my phone…but in my case phone continues to stay connected to wifi without any issues…when I pickup the phone and start using it…at some point the notification turns to solid filled in. I have stopped using the notification…at least for me it does not reliably depict the state of the phone.

Are you just worried about the notification… or is your phone experiencing any issues because of this behavior?
What happens when you pick up the phone and start using it…does the notification fill in automatically? Or do you remain disconnected from Wifi?


Thanks, my phone works fine except for this issue (which is now a non issue)

I would doubt the RW Arc is actually ‚Äėflaky‚Äô, it may take a moment or more for it to populate once you raise the phone (turning on the display will turn off Doze) ‚Ķ how do you determine that your WiFi is connected and VoIP call ready?

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On my Moto X Pure…this happened very regularly with the RW Arc. Pick up a phone…shows empty gray arc,
am able to browse internet using chrome…none of this data was reported as cellular…all along phone is connected to WiFi, WiFi signal is strong.

Sometimes running RW diagnostics clears up the notification to a filled arc…otherwise…phone remains in the empty arc state for several hours… if any RW specific event…such as an incoming call over WiFi…kicks it out of that state.

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The filled in RW Arc does not occur until a WiFi connection and VoIP Register is completed, which probably accounts for what your seeing. I have also seen occasions where I had to cycle WiFi off (with the Toggle) before it would re- connect.

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You may be right…but I didn’t experience this behavior on my Refund plan phones…the filled/empty arc was very reliable for those phones… with the uncertainty on the newer phones… I find the arc not a very accurate indicator
of the state of the phone… I shouldn’t need to do any additional juggling to get the indicator to the right state…maybe this is something RW should look at…but for me, personally, leaving the indicator off is most expedient option as I know the service itself is working just fine.

There are two different RW Apps, each with different indicators/Notifications.

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