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If I’m watching YouTube (for example) and lose my Wi-Fi connection, my phone automatically starts using mobile data without notifying me.
I researched this in this forum and see that there are apps you can use to fix this problem.
I have enough storage problems as it is and don’t need to load another app. It seems to me that a smartphone should be able to notify you when you’ve lost the Wi-Fi connection it’s been using, before automatically switching to mobile data. I have a Moto z play and use “data saver”. Am I missing something (besides all the data I just burned up :unamused:)?

Hi @Wdemeter!

You aren’t really missing anything. I have had my phone switch over to data before when it lost the signal/dropped it. You should see it buffer at least a few secconds when this happens though. It’s not going to be seemless. To combat your phone using data, flip on airplane mode and re-enable Wi-Fi or you can just disable cellular data while you are wtaching the videos. I jog on a treadmill multiple times a week (and watch YouTube while I am doing it). I used to disable cellular data so it wouldn’t be used up in case the WiFi was dropped. It’s not the most convenient thing, but it gets the job done.

You may want to review What is the Difference Between Data Saver and Data Freeze? – Republic Help in Republic Help.

  • Essentially Data Freeze is found within the Republic app under ‘Data Tools’ and this will essentially block the phone from using any cell data except for functions required for calling and texting (that which you’re not charged for)

Thanks for your thoughtful, prompt replies!
When I’m not on WiFi and download and a podcast, a prompt comes up telling me that I’m not on Wi-Fi, and asks if I still want to download the podcast. I thought surely the phone could do the same thing with video, especially since that uses so much more data.
Regarding losing the Wi-Fi signal, I didn’t really lose it. I was watching a video at home on Wi-Fi, went to my gym where they have Wi-Fi that usually automatically connects. I was halfway through another video when I looked up and noticed the Wi-Fi icon wasn’t illuminated. Oh well!
Thanks again.

This sounds like a helpful notification coming from the app you use to manage your podcasts. I went looking for a similar notification in the YouTube settings and could not find any such warning, but I did find a setting to limit HD streaming to Wi-Fi only. It’s in the YouTube app’s Settings, under General.


I thought about that and I think in YouTube’ s case, the reasoning is probably self-serving. The more time you’re on YouTube the more advertising time they can sell. they have no motivation to suggest you should disconnect. I’m going to see if I can find an app that will set off bells and whistles when I’m not on Wi-Fi.

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