Wi-Fi only plan for old Moto X?

I’ve just ordered a new Moto Z Play from Republic and am wondering what I might do with my old phone.

When I’m at home, I tend to leave my phone on a charger in my kitchen.

When I’m in other parts of the house, is there any way that I can use my old Moto X on Wi-Fi only?

I’m pretty sure the answer is “No”. I imagine there are technical reasons among others, but I thought I’d ask here.

Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Your old Moto X will work on WiFi like a tablet but it won’t be able to place or receive calls.

That being said, eventually we might be able to have a single number ring multiple devices. AT&T and Verizon are doing this now but it is in the early stages.

  1. If you have a land-line in conjunction with a home phone system there are accessories (and home phone systems) that will link to your your Moto Z (and your old Moto X) permitting you to place and receive calls from every handset on your home phone system while the phone is sitting in the kitchen on a charger or anywhere withing about 25’ of the accessory or link-equipped home phone system.

Your coverage with the Z (T-Mobile) might be remarkably different from what you are accustomed to with the X (Sprint). I hope you checked that out:

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

the Moto X can be used as a Mini WiFi tablet there no issue with this


Actually yes there is something you can do. I have my Moto E1 on a $10 plan so I can use it outside the house too. I bought a Xlink box from Amazon and Bluetoothed the phone to the Xlink box. I then plugged in my old Cordless 5 handset/answering machine from Motorola. New ones are equipt to bluetooth themselves. I set the phone to no ringtone and let the answering machine do its stuff.

Amazon.com: Xtreme Technologies Xlink BTTN Bluetooth Gateway-Black: Cell Phones & Accessories

Port the home number in and cut the phone cord with cable or land line provider.

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Weird! The coverage map won’t let me select Motorola as the manufacturer. General coverage nearby looks good (I live in Chapel Hill, NC) although it’s pretty bad in many parts of NC, mainly rural and mountain.

I’m guessing that you’re referring to something like the Xlink box that bocephous refers to below? I do have a land line and will look into that.

I will look into the Xlink BTTN. Not quite sure how it connects to land line: can it connect to any phone or does it have to be on the line into the house?

Is the $10 plan offered by Republic? That sounds interesting although a little more than what I want to pay for usage around the house.


I was paying $28 a month for landline service. I now pay $10 saving $18 a month by cutting the land line cord and porting a phone number to the RW phone. So all in all cutting the cord makes sense and at $10 the phone still works in a power outage. or you need a second phone if the Moto Z gets broken. It’s saved money not wasted money, put your actual numbers into my numbers and see if you save $$$$$$$$.

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Select the Samsung S7. You phone should have similiar capabilities.

is there any way that I can use my old Moto X on Wi-Fi only?

If want another phone line you can reactivate it on the 2.0 WiFi only plan for $5 a month.

Looks like mostly fair coverage.

The new Republic phones will also use Sprint, right?

“Fair” coverage isn’t all that great. If you drop a pin on your house and it says you might have coverage some of the time when indoors that mean “almost never have coverage indoors.”

The new phones don’t have Sprint coverage yet but RW is getting close to having that working. Be aware that some of the new phones will never work on Sprint because they are GSM only and will only work with T-Mobile and AT&T.

I’ll check to see if the Moto Z Play will eventually work on Sprint and update this post.

Edit: No, the Moto Z Play is GSM only and will never work on Sprint.

Whoa! I feel a little bit deceived by RW. This doesn’t feel good at all.

Do they have a list of phones that can use both carriers? Not that I’m likely to want one unless they have SD cards…

Thank you so much for your amazing help.

You aren’t the first one to run into this CDMA/GSM issue. I just entered a suggestion that they mark phones as you describe but it is awaiting moderator approval.

I suppose they have held off doing this because Sprint isn’t on-board with the new phones yet and even if a phone does have CDMA capabilities it might not work with Sprint/RW.

At a minimum they should mark phones as having GSM, CDMA or both capabilities. Right now only the nerds know.

If the “fair” coverage doesn’t work for you (I have fair coverage and thankfully good WiFi) you have 14 days to send it back.

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