Wi-Fi or Cell Data?

I have Wi-Fi at work and my phone says it is connected to the Wi-Fi. But my phone says it is also connected to cell. It acts as if it is on Wi-Fi - I get mails and it updates apps. Why is it doing this?

Place your phone in airplane mode, then turn on the WiFi…this will help you make sure that your mail and app updates are going through WiFi.

You can also look at the cellular data usage in the Republic Wireless App and see if the phone is using cellular data.

If it is doesn’t register over there then it is over WiFi.

Most likely reason for that display is your work network is blocking the ports required for WiFi calling. If the 3.0 Republic Wireless App doesn’t deem your network capable of sending calls and texts over WiFi…then it will still indicate

“Connected to Cellular” even when you have access to WiFi data.

The advice above is likely correct (your work Wi-Fi network is probably blocking the ports required for Wi-Fi calling). I would note that if you put your phone in airplane mode and turn on Wi-Fi, you likely won’t receive any calls. So you might not want to do that.

I would also look at the Notifications … with they were updated to include additional information … so it should tell you what you will see over which medium

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