Wi-fi under 5.0 plan with at&t

Currently I am using a Moto e5 play with My choice plan. Thinking about switching to new plan 5.0; but have concerns with using AT&T. When visitors who use AT&T come to my house they cannot connect to AT&T, they have to use my wi-fi in order to use their phone. Currently when I make a phone call from my home, I use wi-fi and can continue the call seamlessly when I leave my wi-fi by going outside of my house and automatically connect to the wireless network. It also works the same in reverse and when using the network. Will the new plan (5.0) work the same way without losing the call or the internet connection.

Your experience with AT&T will help others, however, bear in mind that you can’t switch back to My Choice once you have gone the 5.0 route.
Here is AT&T Coverage Map to help you drill into your specific home address and also along any given route. The validity of using the Prepaid tab is still an open question.

Thank you for your prompt reply; I have no intension of switching my current plan to the 5.0 AT&T plan until I get a definite answer to – Will the new plan (5.0) work the same way without losing the call or the internet connection when leaving wi-fi and moving to cell data. The map is of no consequence to the issue, since I know that AT&T does not work in my house & I also know that a signal is available immediately outside my house. I am only concerned about how the wi-fi works under the 5.0 plan. since I have read that it doesn’t operate the same way as Republic’s proprietary wi-fi.

Handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular calls is possible in areas covered by VoLTE calling, with phones capable of VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling. Is that possible in your area and with your phone? Well, the Moto E5 Play appears to be compatible. As for the features supported in your geographic area, I can’t answer that. I’m not sure anyone here can answer. Perhaps when you next have a visitor with AT&T you can perform a test.

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On that map, I’m in the lighter blue, but much of my travel is in the darker blue, what is the difference?

Here’s the key:


Answered by @ceedee above, on some displays, the colors tend to be hard to discern. Bear in mind that even if your phone doesn’t do 5G it will revert to 4G (LTE) and still work fine.

I had a similar question and got a much more thorough answer. Given that the Moto e5 Play is listed as fully compatible under the 5.0 plans, it should keep working just as it does now, as long as you have WiFi calling and VoLTE calling turned on. Though I’d probably let someone else be the guinea pig and be certain that it actually does work as advertised before I made the leap.

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To my (very recently acquired) understanding, if you have 4G LTE service, you have the ability to make VoLTE calls, if your phone and carrier support it.

Given that all the 2G and 3G networks are being shutdown nationwide between March and December of 2022, VoLTE is rapidly becoming the only possible way to make cellular calls, so I wouldn’t expect this to be an issue much longer, if it even still is currently.