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Hi -has anyone used a wildlife camera that has a 3G / 4G connection with their republic phone? Not sure if these cameras work with republic phones. Typically the cameras specify ATT/Verizon etc., Thanks for any advice.

Hi @johns.yntlop and welcome to the Community!

If the camera itself has a 3G/4G cellular radio, then it wouldn’t need to interface with any phone. The camera would connect directly to a cellular network. Republic currently does not offer cellular connectivity for cameras or devices other than compatible phones.

If the camera is capable of connecting to a phone’s WiFi hotspot feature, then it would be possible to use your Republic’s phone’s hotspot feature to share cell data with the camera. However, doing so may not be the most economical choice.

If you’re asking about using an app on your Republic phone to control the camera or view what the camera is showing, I don’t see why that wouldn’t work. Doing so would be similar in concept to connecting to a video doorbell such as a Ring, which works just fine with Republic phones.

Are you looking at a specific camera?

Hi -thank you for your time and quick reply. I was thinking of this one on amazon

Happy for your thoughts.

Think of the cam as a phone. You need a SIM card and a data plan. It is completely separate from RW. All you need to know is in the product details.

Hi @johns.yntlop,

First the good news. According to the camera’s Amazon description, it’s capable of sending photos captured to any phone number (presumably via text message) or email address. I can’t think of a reason one or both methods wouldn’t work with a Republic phone. Further, cellular connectivity is said to be provided using a simHERO SIM. simHERO is a global cellular data provider that uses AT&T or T-Mobile for cellular connectivity in the U.S.

There is, however, some potential bad news. 3G networks will ultimately be retired in the not terribly distant future (likely in the next year or two). I’m not sufficiently familiar with trail cameras per se to know what price is a good value. I would, however, suggest looking for one that offers 4G LTE cellular connectivity. 4G LTE and emerging 5G technologies will be the U.S. cellular connectivity standard going forward. 4G LTE will be around for the foreseeable future, so I don’t see 5G as a must.


Hi Roland That is super helpful advice. I really appreciate it. John


thank you for your advice.

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