Wife needs a new phone

My wife needs to buy a new phone. She decided on the Moto 5G Ace. However, the one Republic offered was only 64 gigs of memory and is now out of stock. Motorola is offering the same phone on their websites unlocked and with 128 gigs of ram. Will this phone work on Republic’s network? I assume yes, but want to be sure before making the decision. Thanks for your support!

Hi @toddw.xc75ta,

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This phone, so long as you buy the “unlocked” version, is supported by Republic Wireless.

Do you happen to know what kind of SIM card your wife’s current phone has? If she’s currently on a My Choice plan with a GSM SIM card, then she can move the SIM card to the new phone. However, if she has one of our legacy phones or a My Choice CDMA SIM card, she’ll need a new SIM card.

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Best Buy Moto One 5G Ace UNLOCKED

Shame, Best Buy had this phone just yesterday for $100 off the now listed price. I too am on the verge of getting a new phone. Shame I am missing out on these great deals as I wait for the news to roll down on what’s happening with RW and new plans and pricing.

Hi @glennm.xe08im,

Since that phone is compatible with our current My Choice plan and most carriers, what risk made you feel you had to wait to buy it?

Choices choices and more choices. My wife currently uses the One 5G Ace and loves it. So indeed it’s on my shopping list. But what is to come to RW? I hear good things about the Google phones ( Pixel 6 ) and other choices. Never dive into the murky water head first without knowing how deep it is. One thing that holds me back for the One 5G Ace, it’s already a year old. Had 1 in stock near me , it’s sold. Would have to travel to another Best Buy if I want to purchase in person. I’ll be on a mini winter vacation soon, time for more homework on phones. We are all crossing our fingers on some good news soon. Perhaps our choices will become from slim to overwhelming. :dizzy_face:

Hey glennm.xe08im
Just got a 5G Ace for my father, he likes it. The 2021 Stylus my Ex got was very well received also…didn’t know she ‘was’ a ‘stylus’ user.

The 5G Ace really is a super phone. For the price and what you get it’s simply amazing! Some phones are a little more feature rich such as the Ace. The Stylus is a nice phone but for me I need NFC. The Ace has NFC, believe it or not the Stylus does not. NFC is used for Google Pay , swipe your phone pay and go. I was very surprised to find out the Stylus does not have that feature I really need. My hopes are that our choices expand greatly. Motorola has a lot of new phones that are currently not on RW’s phone list. Moto Razr as an example. Moto G Pure would be perfect for my mom who is a senior. Maybe a 5G Ace slim is in the works and is around the corner? Currently I use a Moto Z4, it’s still a great phone, it’s just getting a little wonky with some of the apps I use. Some phones will not be getting Android 12 as well. The Google Pixel 6 has Android 12 and is a newer phone, released just a few months ago. If RW does expand its phone compatibility list, things can get very complicated.

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Todd brings up the point of the year on this one. And the price was the same. So it begins…