Wife wants to keep the refund plan


How do you know which phones allow the refund plan? She needs a new phone.


Hi @jasons.xnlnxh

The new phones can only be used with the My Choice plans. It is not possible to use a new phone on one of the older plans.

The phones that can be used on your wife’s plan are no longer being manufactured so they can no longer be purchased as new.

You can find used models on e-commerce sites such as eBay or swappa.com.

Here is a link to a guide for buying and selling used Republic Wireless phones:

Here is the list of phones that will work with your wife’s plan:

Moto E1 XT1019
Moto E2 XT1526 - make sure it’s the Republic Wireless version
Moto G1 XT1031
Moto G3 XT1548 - make sure it’s the Republic Wireless version
Moto X1 XT1049
Moto X2 XT1094

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The important question … does your phone really support Republic Wireless? (it would have a specially modified ROM)
AFIK Republic only sold the Moto X1 as a 16GB device but it was available via Moto Maker as 16/32/64

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