Wife's calls do not reach my phone

I may have a problem that may be related and I’m seeking a solution:

I can send and receive calls & texts from other cell services but not from my wife’s RW phone. She can text me but not call me without it going immediately into VM.

She can phone me from her work’s landline and it will go thru and ring on my phone.

I’ve checked call volume and it’s up we’ve tried shutting off WiFi and going to cell only and her call still will not go thru.

Any help out there?


Hi @hpm,

It’s possible you’ve accidentally set her number to go straight to voicemail. If you tell us what phone you have, someone may be able to give you step-by-step instructions to check for that.

My phone is a Moto g Power.

My wife tells me her calls are not now going to VM but my number is ringing busy constantly.

I’ve checked the VM setting & her phone number is not going immediately into VM.

When she calls me from her RW phone my number rings busy constantly.

Any help?



I can call her RW phone from my RW phone and the call will go through & connect.

She can text me ok but her phone call to me will result in a constant busy signal.


Hi @hpm,

Thanks for the update. What your wife is experiencing does not sound like something the Community would be able to help you solve through some adjusted setting on your phone. I think our Help Team is going to have to help with this one.

Would you mind opening a help ticket? When you do so, what will be extremely helpful along with a description of the issue will be some very recent examples of calls your wife has made to your phone that have resulted in a busy signal.

This means you would provide the number that is making the calls, the number being called, and the time the call was placed. Our technicians would then be able to look into our call logs to try to determine why your wife’s calls are being terminated this way.

If you can verify in the ticket that she is able to call other numbers (especially numbers starting with the same first 6 digits as your phone) that will be helpful, too.

And if you happen to know of any calls you’ve successfully received from numbers starting with the same first six digits as your wife’s number, that would be a great clue, too. (Or, if you know someone else with those same first six digits who also cannot reach you.)

Please let me know if you need any help opening a Help Ticket.

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Ok thanks, I’ll follow up with a ticket with the icon needed.


Info not icon! Sorry.

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