Wife's Moto G5 Plus froze while on vacation (with pics)


Moto G5 Plus


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My wife and I both bought Moto G5 Pluses together about a year ago. They have been working fine minus charging slow. We just got back from vacation last night and on the second to last day her’s froze up. Our phones had been charging incredibly slow and I read that wiping the cache might help them turbo charge. I did this on mine and it seemed to help. I turned hers off and just before it went black I think I bumped the power button, it acted a bit goofy and then shut down. I tried turning it back on and just got the blue screen with red “M”. It then flashes black and then the blue screen comes back. I wiped the cache, but that didn’t help. While comparing our screens I saw that on hers the baseband is “not found”, everything else is exactly the same.

What are your thoughts on doing an upgrade from SD Card? Is there anything else that might work?

AP Fastboot Flash Mode (Secure)
BL: C0.92 (sha-3ea8df0. 2018-07-30 18:29:10)
Product/Variant: potter XT1687 32GB P3B

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How long did you wait on the blue screen? Sometimes it takes a while to finish the boot process from that step. I have experienced several minutes on my Moto X Pure… I would assume similar behavior is possible on the G5+…you may want to make sure it is sufficiently charged before you attempt to power it on again.


I know I have waited at least 15 minutes. This morning I let it try to boot up for more than an hour. The battery is currently at 73%.


If the phone is still unresponsive, then the only recourse might be a factory reset, are you able to access that from the recovery menu?


Yes I can access the Recovery Menu. Do you think it is worth attempting to “Apply and update from SD Card”? If so, where would I get a copy from?


I would try to clear cache again…in case it didn’t exit properly the first time and try to restart it to see if it wakes up.
I am not familiar with the “apply an update from SD card” option… perhaps other members with some experience with that can chime in @Ambassadors


This is intended for applying operating system updates to a phone manually. I would not attempt doing this on a potentially bricked phone.


So do you think doing a factory reset is the only way to proceed?


Frankly, at this point, a factory reset is the only hope and even it may not work.

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Hi @822ec091-1468-47ca-9,

Did you attempt a factory reset? Did it work?

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