Wife's phone using cell data while on Wifi

My wifes Nexus 5X keeps using cell data while she is connected to Wifi. This just started happening last month. She is using her cell data in a few days because of this. This an issue with the phone/ republic app. She is connected to our home wifi which is working correctly.

On your wife’s phone when it disconnects, can you please go into Settings-WiFi and tell us what it says below the network that she is connected to?

What on the phone is showing you that you are using cell data? Is it the Republic app or Android’s data use tracker?

I’m having exactly the same problem but with a Moto G4. I got three email messages this morning about her being down to 25, 10, and 5 percent of her monthly data, but her phone has been in the house and connected to WiFi since about 2:00 yesterday afternoon, and is connected to WiFi almost all the time.

What phone app used the cellular data? You can find out by doing the following:

Check your mobile data usage

You can check how much data you use.

  1. Open your device’s Settings app Settings app.
  2. Tap Network & Internet and then Data usage .
  3. Under “Mobile,” you’ll see how much total data you use.
  4. To see graphs and details, tap Mobile data usage .
  • To pick a time period, tap the Down arrow Down Arrow.
  • To see how much data each app uses, look below the graph.

above information taken from https://support.google.com/pixelphone/answer/2819524?hl=en

Her phone has “Wireless & Networks” rather than “Network & Internet” under settings and has “Cellular data usage” - Facebook 631 MB, Weather Channel 318 MB, Spotify 202 MB are the three biggest ones (since Feb 28). She was in Guatemala Mar 2-10 (but says she used WiFi there). And, as I said, these three emails from Republic all came starting about 10:30 last night when she really shouldn’t have been using any data at all.

Perhaps her phone has been dropping the Wi-Fi connection on occasion. As long as there is an active Wi-Fi connection, the phone shouldn’t use much cellular data. The only exception I’ve seen is that occasionally an Android maintenance release update will start on Wi-Fi and continue on cellular when you leave a Wi-Fi area. As far as Guatemala, she shouldn’t have been able to use cell data even if she tried. I don’t know what data plan you’re on, but it appears your top three apps used over a gigabyte. The e-mail alerts won’t be immediate, there is a delay to when data use is reported. Here are some data savings tips for your top threee apps:

  1. Here are some tips for Facebook data savings:
  1. The Weather Channel app is one of the highest data use weather apps. Try setting the update schedule in the app to something less frequent.

  2. For Spotify, Republic Wireless has a video on reducing it’s data consumption:

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If you want to ensure that your wife’s phone (or, yours, for that matter) doesn’t use cellular data at home, you can do what many of us do; enable Airplane mode, then, re-enable WiFi. Since this will disable the cellular radio, it forces everything to WiFi and uses zero cellular data. Of course, you will need to remember to disable Airplane mode when you leave the property so your phone can receive calls.

This doesn’t solve the mystery of why her phone is using cellular data while WiFi is readily available. But, it does solve the problem of the unwanted use of cellular data.

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Hi @philipr.qhdln6,

No answer for what caused the issue but have another suggestion to prevent this in the future. The RW app - Data Tools - Data Freeze is an excellent and easy way to prevent data drains and inadvertent use. During initial use when enabled you should see a RW connection request and OK it. How to Apply Data Freeze in the My Choice (4.0) plan – Republic Help


Thanks for the information. I’ll check out the Data Freeze, and I’ll mention the Airplane->WiFi trick to her. This never happens to me (so far) but then I spend about 80% less time with my phone than she does :wink:

It stopped doing it after that one time and we have not had trouble since.

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