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In the present account rules for Republic Wireless customers, how many different times may an account holder change their account from WiFi only to internet data user and then back to WiFi only ?


The answer to your question depends on the current plan structure your phone is using. To help us better help you, please open the Republic app on your phone and quote, for us, the words describing your current plan underneath your phone number.


Hello rolandh or another member of the Republic Wireless community -

My initial question was :

In the present Account Rules for Republic Wireless Customers How many
different times may a Account holder change their Account from WiFi Only to
Internet Data User and then back to WiFi Only ?

Your rep asked what is my current plan

The Republic App says I have “Basic Plan”.

Can anyone in community answer the above question ?



Hi @charlesf.yq1csc,

I’m not a rep. Republic’s Ambassadors are fellow members.

There isn’t a Republic plan called the “Basic Plan” Might your phone actually say “Base Plan”? If so, you may switch between a WiFi only plan and one offering cellular access for calls, text messaging and Internet data as many times as you like. The gotcha is these changes may only take effect on your bill cycle date. More from Republic here: Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund – Republic Help.

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Thank you Rolandh.

Yes, I just attempted to Add Internet Data to my plan. It appeared like it
was going to let me add anywhere from 0.5Gb to past 4 Gb of data.
The first time I Added Internet Dar
Ta to my plan it appeared Republic Wireless had a stipulation that you can
only Change from Voice/Text/WiFi Plans to Cell Data Plans once.
I may have been mistaken on this

I thank you for confirming this question of mine.

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