Wifi calling and messaging on 5g

Anyone having problems with the republic app not connecting calling and messaging to 5g Wifi… My moto g4 plus connects calling and messaging to my 2 2.4g wifi networks but will not connect calling and messaging to my 2 5g wifi networks Data connects easily to both 2.4 and 5g… If I shut off Cell data it sometimes connects…

The Republic App will update the Status/Notification based on Android’s detection of the signal from your ISP/Router and the attempted VoIP connection to Republic.

You may find that a reboot of the router or possibly a change of the channel could help.

  • For some help in this area see Maximizing your WiFi - getting the best from your Router/network

I rebooted both routers… WiFi calling and messaging on 5g restored… Ping and packet loss were and still are comparable on all 4 networks. There were no obvious channel conflicts and no other WiFi networks are within detectable range… I have a big yard and have one router covering front yard and one for back yard. They are connected in series through a wireless 5g access point… and provide excellent wifi data for all connected devices… I also have an old Moto E CDMA 2.4g WiFi calling only plan that works flawlessly… I love the Republic business model and technology… An observation… the old WiFi only phone connects and performs better on public networks… It has made reliable free calls from India, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada and Alaska… I would not leave the country without it. Thanks for your reply

Thanks for the feedback and am adding @seanr and @southpaw@rw so they can enjoy your kind words

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