WIFI Calling Another Question

If I upgrade to a new unlocked phone (e.g. Galaxy S21) and BYOP to the RW 5.0 plan, will wifi calling work from my home where I have no cell coverage from any network?

WiFi calling works for me on the 5.0 plan.


When you do not have any cell coverage at all?

Hi @mistermike - It’s my understanding that it depends on the phone and the TAC range. Locate your phone in the following document and see if WiFi calling is compatible on the 5.0 plan (last column).

Believe there is some more testing being done in this area too! Come on back if you have specific questions after reviewing the document. Hope this helps!

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I have not bought a new phone yet. What I was asking about is… Will a compatible 5.0 BYOP phone do wifi calling from where there is absolutely zero cell coverage?

I have an unlocked BYOP Pixel 5a. If I put the phone in airplane mode, then reenable WiFi, I can make a call. Will this work with an unlocked Galaxy S21? I don’t know. I think if it were me I would just buy the phone from Republic Wireless to ensure compatibility and have a proper return policy. I might wait a while for things to calm down before I purchased it, however.

One thing that doesn’t work on my Pixel 5a is call forwarding.

@louisdi has a Tips & Tricks article where he has done some testing:

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I believe the others who have provided consensus answers and references should be used as your guidance.
I would guess that the multi-device testing that @louisdi has provided was probably done using the standard simulation method … Place the device in Airplane Mode (turns off all radios) then turning Wi-Fi back on is the closest any of us can come to normal testing … you will probably want to ‘trust, but verify’

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I just add that the S21 I recently bought unlocked direct from Samsung (as a X-mas gift to myself) is not on the TAC list provided by Republic (a bit disappointing but I personally can live without WiFi calling as most places I connect to wifi also have good AT&T coverage (the phone currently on 4.0 but I planning a move to 5.0 when the process is made easier and the ticket system is not so stressed))

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Have you considered activating a 5.0 SIM in the S21 with a new number to see for yourself?

Activating a 5.0 SIM with a new number is seemingly one of the few things working reasonably well. You would have 30 days to cancel the 5.0 plan attached to the new number.


My phone is an S21+ 5g. It is listed in RW’s compatibility chart twice, once under its own model and again under the S21 Ultra 5G which is listed with TWO model numbers. My TAC code which belongs under the S21+ 5G listing was placed under the S21 Ultra 5G listing.

The AT&T site lists the S21+5G as capable of WIFI calling. Mine is not, probably due to the SNAFU above.

My granddaughter has the S20+ 5G, is with AT&T, and has WIFI calling and messaging.

If you have an S21 5G or S21 Ultra 5G it will probably work but if you have the S21+ 5G it won’t work until RW gets this fixed.

I just don’t think that there’s anything that Republic can do to make a phone have or not have wifi calling on AT&T. They don’t throw any switches. They don’t make the lists of TACs that work. They are completely and utterly out of the loop on this. Whether Republic has listed something incorrectly in a document isn’t going to make a phone not work.


That is correct.


I don’t have an account with AT&T so they probably won’t discuss it with me but I would think they would discuss it with the Dish (RW) people. I suspect the problem is with the SIM programming because I can actually see the WIFI Calling option appear and disappear as the 4.0 SIM is slid in and out of place. Yes, I know that SIM had T-Mobile’s programming, I just mention that because something on the SIM makes that option appear and whatever this is isn’t on the AT&T SIM.

debated but I going to be patient and wait (My Wife has a AT&T based MVNO{Cricket} so I know coverage is good, making WiFi is a nice to have but not really needed

My hope was that you’d consider doing it as a service to your fellow members. There are phones on Republic’s compatibility list as being unsupported for WiFi calling that actually have WiFi calling with a 5.0 SIM. One such phone, the U1 variant of Samsung’s Galaxy A20 is in my household.

You might try something else. If you pop your wife’s Cricket SIM into your Galaxy S21, does it have WiFi calling?

That’s not quite the way it works. When a SIM is inserted in the phone the phone reaches out to the network for the IMS set-up. It provides information about itself (the phone) and is sent the appropriate IMS settings by the network. The SIM itself doesn’t in any way control what is appearing, rather it is the network that the SIM is connecting the phone to. I know there was a lot of discussion about this several days ago, but when inputting the APNs in the phone after set-up was the IMS APN accepted or did you get an error when trying to input it?

Right, there is something about the AT&T SIM (the way it interfaces with other entities) that needs to be fixed. The IMS APN was accepted. Obviously there is no reason why AT&T would let closely related models call and message over WIFI but not this particular model. I really don’t think putting it’s TAC number and model number on the WRONG MODEL was an unrelated coincidence,

ok, I ordered a Plan and now waiting on the SIM to test this out

will try my wifes SIM tonight or tomorrow night (when I can get a hand on her phone)

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You may be right. But I’d like to try one other thing. Can you delete the IMS APN and reenter it? I know personally it took me a few times to get everything right when inputting the APN. Is there a chance that there’s a typo in the APN on your device?

I proofread it. It was OK. I deleted it. Entered it again. restarted the phone. Still no WIFI calling. I found this in the AT&T Community:

"Yes, you WILL get wi-fi calling on the unlocked Samsung S21 (model XXXU1 device) from samsung.com HOWEVER, you must also call AT&T Customer Service and make sure they ENABLE Wi-Fi calling Feature on your account (which will be enabled with the VoLTE (HD Voice feature.) Just call 611 to make sure VoLTE (HDVoice) with WiFi calling is enabled. Also, you must give AT&T IMEI Number of your device to put in their database *#06# and once all these features are ENabled on the carrier side (ATT) you can restart your device and you should go to enable WiFI calling and enter your home address into e-911 page on your device (it will populate automatically once you enable wifi calling ON onyour device.) To enable WiFi calling on your device u will need to go to PHONE DIALER APP, then settings, then Toggle Wi-Fi Calling ON and you will see the e-911 page asking for your home address and that’s it! "

In response to this there was another post that said ultimately WIFI calling was controlled by the MVNO.