WIFI Calling Another Question

I wonder if there’s any commonality between this WiFi calling issue and the one Ting sees with T-Mobile on Samsung phones (common denominator being Samsung):

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If you read what is written:

You already have VoLTE. DISH’s agreement includes Wifi calling.

Some MVNOs use just the network, some use additional capabilities. As far as what Republic is rolling out right now they are 100% relying on AT&T’s capabilities (from calling to voicemail, etc). Their agreement includes wifi calling, there isn’t anything to turn on.

That doesn’t rule out some kind of error with your line, your SIM, your phone or something else, but this isn’t a matter of someone not turning a feature on.

All I know is what I learn from others about this. Clearly AT&T subscribers are having this problem with the S21 too. Here, read through this so you know what I’m reading.

follow up with cricket SIM on my Samsung S21 (and my wifes Samsung A51) has wifi calling working (but no WiFi MMS)
when I get the Republic SIM I will test it out for WiFi calling

Follow up
I got the Email telling me the SIM was Shipped yesterday and it was at the front door last night

activated it this morning and my S21 from Samsung (SM-G991U1) does not have an option to turn on WiFi calling in the phone settings nor doe it let me call when in airplane mode and wifi is on
, (it does have Visual Voicemail and Call forwarding)
SMS and MMS both require cell turn on to send (no WiFI MMS) unless the Google Chat feature is enabled)

To confirm, you entered all four Republic APNs, most importantly, the IMS APN?

In theory, SMS over WiFi should work but that may be tied to the lack of WiFi calling. I’ve yet to find an unlocked phone where MMS over WiFi works. And, chat features are RCS not MMS.

There is no good technical reason why our S21s don’t call over WiFi. It’s just a screw up that Dish will have to ask AT&T to fix.

Which AT&T may or may not do. Welcome to industry standards.

It’s not about the customer. It’s about the quest to increase shareholder value.

AT&T is not alone here.

According the a post in the AT&T Community thread I I posted a link to earlier AT&T fixes it for their own subscribers when they complain. No harm in Dish asking.

BYOD on AT&T MVNOs is a “keep 'em guessing” enterprise. For that matter, so is BYOD on AT&T proper.

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I didn’t say there was any harm in asking. I will say given all the other things 5.0 requiring attention, I doubt posing the question is top priority at this time.

I’m uncertain what you mean. Unlike previous plans that used Republic’s proprietary VoIP technology to power WiFi calling, Republic 5.0 is entirely dependent upon the cellular network partner’s infrastructure for WiFi calling. Ultimately, it is up to AT&T to decide what features are supported on which phone attached to its network.

those setting were already set (though the value was off for resellermht and the phone will not let me change APN type to dun

Google messages just sit on a sms with waitting on connect if airplane mode on with wifi on

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Same with mine.

I think the fact that @drm186 is experiencing the same problem with his phone rules out a problem on my end. How do you know this isn’t a matter of someone not turning a feature on? Do you have any supporting evidence? After all, everything we read on the internet is suspect, right?

I suspect it’s exactly something that might be remedied by some back office database entry. I doubt there’s anything that can be done about it today. Maybe in a couple months when things smooth out a bit. I have a similar question regarding conditional call forwarding on a Pixel 5a. I’m going to try to be patient and ask support again around March-ish. In my case it’s an annoyance rather than a deal breaker. I can still call and text and use cellular data. Conditional call forwarding being broken is my introduction to the early adopter’s blues.


Hi @billg,

I had been waiting to reply on this topic until things calm down a bit, because I just don’t have the time to put into this right now. However, your ticket on the matter has been escalated to me, and since I’m providing the answer there, I thought I’d post it here, too.

Sometimes the OEMs are not consistent in how they assign the TAC numbers.

The same TAC number has been assigned to the S21+ and the S21 Ultra.

As indicated in the chart that we published, the 21 Ultra with that TAC number is, according to our carrier partner, compatible with WiFi calling.

The S21+ with that TAC number is not. They must match in both columns.

This is not a mistake. This is a decision between Samsung and the carrier partner, as they determine which phones will be certified for WiFi calling. This is not anything Republic Wireless can resolve.

It’s definitely nothing our Help Team can resolve. Please allow your ticket to be closed out so our Help Team can focus on helping members who have issues they can actually help with. I can try to look into trying to find a Samsung contact who might be able to discuss this with me, but again, this is not something I’m going to be able to do right away.

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The folks at AT& T have the same problem I’m having but they fix it with a phone call.

Scroll down the post by Roman in this thread (in the AT&T Community)

I’d like RW to make that phone call on my behalf.


Also, my model number is NOT listed with the Samsung Galaxy S21 plus 5G. It is only listed with the wrong model.

One last thing:

The model number listed with the S21 Plus 5g is wrong. That is the model number for the S21 5G which is a different phone.