Wifi calling compatibility confusion

I’m confused by the phone wifi compatibility listings. My phone is the Samsung Galaxy S7 930-U model. It is not listed in the ‘phones compatible with 5.0’ table (only the 930-A is there and it shows ‘no’ for wifi calling compatibility). My S7 930-U was purchased from RW several years ago. I have virtually no cell coverage at home and totally depend on wifi. Since the Beta days, I have owned several RW compatible phones that have all worked just fine calling over wifi. With no cell coverage at home, will my Samsung Galaxy S7 930-U purchased from RW continue to support wifi calling?

Your Samsung Galaxy S7 930-U will absolutely keep supporting Wi-Fi calling on the My Choice plans. If you were to convert to the new 5.0 plans it may not support Wi-Fi calling on the new carrier associated with the 5.0 plans (AT&T).

Thanks. I’ve submitted a Help Ticket to cancel the upgrade to 5.0 and refund my initial payment. I’ll stay with the My Choice 4.0 plan.