WIFI calling connection problems

Is anyone else having an issue making calls over wifi? This just started on my home wifi today and it’s effecting both my wife’s phone and mine (so no a phone issue). I have a strong wifi signal and can email, text and get on the internet with our phones, but it will not connect for phone calls.

A good starting point:

  1. What does the Republic Wireless Notification say
  2. Run the Diagnostic test from Republic Wireless App / (?) / ‘Run diagnostic Test’ … if any warnings or failures, please post screenshot

Hi Jben,
Well yesterday I had an open arc, no call connectivity, and yes, I had run diagnostics and there was on issue about the wifi network. Spectrum suggested resetting the router, and I was going to do that this morning, but for some reason I now have a solid arc and can make wifi calls. Fingers crossed the network Gods are being merciful…

Thanks for the feedback, but my 45 years of fighting the network gods proved to me they seldom are merciful :slight_smile:
It is good to see that Spectrum makes the same suggestion that many of find key to keeping a computer happy.
A controlled method to do this is shown in Power Cycle Network and it’s the first item we should do (after of course making note of any errors, notification that the device may post)

I find an open arc a couple times a week. I go to the system settings, apps, and FORCE STOP the republic app. Then the RW app automatically restarts and the arc is filled.

I am guessing the Open Arc you are referring to is in the Status Line (top of screen), there are in fact, 5 different underlying Notifications, that the Republic code provides that have an open arcs in the status. (link to definition was provided in my 1st response to the OP above)

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