WiFi calling not working after Pixel update

Pixel 3a can’t make or receive calls via WiFi only (airplane mode on).
Which is an issue, I have no cell service at home.

I get “enable WiFi calling to make a call” when trying on the phone app.
Tried restarting the phone…
Tried clearing the phone app cache…
Tried restarting the router…
…and this suggestion of resetting the wifi:

No luck :frowning:
Help please!

Did this happen after u installed this months (March 2020) security and feature update…that was recalled by Google for various issues?

I havn’t gotten this months OTA on my Pixel 3.

Indeed that is when it happened.
I can’t find any information on it being recalled tho. Do you have a link I can look at?
Thanks @SpeedingCheetah

Although not a 3a, I do have this month’s patch on my 3XL and wifi calling continues to work fine.

It cause various issue on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 4 mainly.
The most serious issue was that for ATT users, the Play store stopped working, something about the update package was “not certified properly”.
Who know what else may have been botched with the update.
It was posted about on various tech news/android phone focused sites.

WHen i looked yesterday, there is only one OTA build posted for my Pixel 3 for March, and it said “for all carries except Tmobile and Google Fi” Since i am on RW GSM, that uses TM, i assume there is no build yet for my phone. It has happend before where there is different builds for various base carriers. I have always gotten the ones labeled for TM.

The 3a was the same two days ago, then it changed to “All carriers except Bouygues Telecom”:

I be interested to see if anyone else has the issue.
I’ll have to open a ticket soon tho.


My Pixel 3a this morning once again is able to make and receive WiFi calls. :slight_smile:
I wish I could say why, but I have no idea what the trouble was. After starting it back up this morning it is working just fine. (I had tried multiple restarts and shutdowns yesterday to no effect) :man_shrugging:


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