WIFI calling - This can't be true!

One of my Galaxy S7 phones is using the RW My Choice Sprint CDMA SIM. It now handles wifi calling, data, texting and all smart phone functions just fine. I do not desire a new phone, even with features I don’t need.
As I understand it:

  1. All Galaxy S7 phones are not compatible with RW 5.0 wifi calling using the AT&T network.
  2. The Sprint CDMA network will cease to function in the near future (Feb 2022?).
  3. At that time, my Galaxy S7 will need a new My Choice TMo RW 4.0 SIM card to continue to function and make wifi calls after TMo shuts down the Sprint CDMA network. .
  4. RW no longer issues any 4.0 SIM cards, which will render my current phone unable to function.
  5. The only apparent solution is to switch to a company other than RW who will issue a SIM using a network that will work with my S7 and provide wifi calling.
    I’ve been with RW since the Beta days and can’t believe its true that RW is FORCING me to move to another company or buy new phones. I must be misunderstanding. One of my “facts” must be wrong. Tell me please, “This can’t be true!”.

Correct and it is AT&T that decides which phones are supported for WiFi calling on its network.

Sprint’s 4G LTE network, which your Galaxy S7 supports is currently scheduled to be shut down as of June 30, 2022, according to its new owner T-Mobile.

It’s not a matter of Republic no longer issuing My Choice SIMs. There simply is no longer a way to activate a My Choice SIM.

Yes, if you’re able to find one. Your Galaxy S7 is approaching six years of age. I understand it still does all you want a phone to do, however, in terms of technology it’s elderly and support for it going forward on any network may be increasingly difficult to come by.

Republic isn’t trying to force you to buy a new phone. The CDMA network supporting one of your Galaxy S7s is being shut down by its new owner (T-Mobile). Neither Republic or its new corporate parent is able prevent T-Mobile from doing what it wishes with its property.

In all likelihood, your Galaxy S7 will work fine on cellular service with Republic 5.0 but it will not have WiFi calling. I fully appreciate that’s not a satisfying answer. If, however, lack of WiFi calling on 5.0 is a deal breaker and you wish to stick with the S7, then, yes it’s time to look at alternative service providers. Your best bet for finding WiFi calling support on your S7 is probably a provider using T-Mobile’s network.


Thanks for you concise answer rolandh. Where I get stuck, is that because of spotty cell coverage in and about the Pocono Mtns, I have two identical RW Galaxy S7 phones using different coverage areas. One is on a RW 4.0 Sprint CDMA SIM, but the other is on a RW 4.0 Tmo GSM SIM. The latter one, under current corporate announcements, will continue to work and handle wifi calling on RW 4.0 plans for a couple of more YEARS. Can’t I get RW to send me another of those 4.0 TMo SIMs and pop that into my CDMA phone? I’d stay on RW 4.0 and have wifi calling on both phones. If not is there some way to clone my existing TMo SIM? Any other suggestions that would allow me to stay with RW?

Rolandh, especially since the AT&T network web site lists the Galaxy S7 as compatible with wifi calling. But RW, using the AT&T network, does NOT list S7 compatibility under their 5.0 plans.

I’m afraid not and even if you somehow acquired a My Choice SIM there would be no way to activate it. The process is simply gone.

Candidly, there is no need for you to make a decision now. Your CDMA provisioned Republic My Choice phone will work until June 30, 2022. Long before that, Republic will be contacting you and other affected members regarding their options. Why not wait for that? Perhaps, Republic might make an offer attractive to you? Of course, there’s no guarantee of that but what is there to lose in waiting to find out?

The Galaxy S7 listed on Republic’s 5.0 compatible list is model SM-G930A, which is the AT&T variant. I’ll admit to being somewhat surprised AT&T doesn’t, as suggested by Republic’s list support WiFi calling on its branded Galaxy S7 variant. If AT&T’s website says something different, I’ll defer to that.

But, it doesn’t matter since your Galaxy S7s are model SM-G930U, which I’m confident AT&T would not support for WiFi calling on its network. I appreciate my answers aren’t the ones you are hoping for. Nevertheless, I hope you find the candor to be helpful.


Thank you rolandh. you give the honest real deal response even if its not what I want to hear, I’ll wait till June and decide in May. but , on this 5.0 update, not hopeful. But, as Jack Reacher says, “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.”

Any request for refunds/credit need to be handled by Opening a Ticket, the community at large is primarily users/members like you and none of us can take any actions or see anything on your account.
Historically in the past, Republic Wireless has been very generous in handling billing disputes and I have seen nothing to change my belief in them.

To verify who you are. That indicates that the email you opened the ticket from and the email on your account are different. Therefore, in order to comply with very strict telecom privacy laws, Republic must verify that you are the account owner before they can tell you anything or work on anything for you.

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