Wifi calls disconnecting

Any calls I make or receive while on wifi get disconnected after about 30 seconds. After a few seconds the dropped call reappears as an incoming call and I can answer to continue the call. This happens repeatedly every 30 seconds of so. Calls on the mobile network work fine.

I’m using a Moto G Power Plus with the My Choice + 1 GB plan.

I’m not sure if this might be the same as the “Intermittent Calling and Online Account Portal” issue mentioned in the app or something else?

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Are you seeing any message on the screen about an app not sharing the mic? What you’re describing sounds a lot like that issue. You may want to try the steps described here:

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That does look like the same (or similar) issue as I have seen that message about another app using the mic. One difference is that my phone is on RPMS31.Q1-54-13-6 which I think is later than the version where this issue was said to have been resolved. The good news is that the workaround of switching off automatic wifi handover has stopped the problem from occurring.

Thanks for the quick response!

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