WiFi calls not getting through

What phone do you have?
Moto x4
What plan are you on?
3.0 with 1gb
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Talk and data

Issue Description

When I receive calls at work, while on the company wifi, when I answer calls I hear nothing, then moments later I assume it goes to voicemail. Can I set it so when I’m on my work wifi the calls go to cell? I seem to get texts while on the wifi…

I would guess a visit to your favorite IT guy/gal would be in order … check out Required Ports & Protocols this lays out what is necessary for connectivity
ETA: The referenced discussion on Required Ports & Protocols was developed with a University IT department, a user and Staff at Republic Wireless, and should be understandable to those responsible for the firewalling strategy of your company

@jben’s suggestion is good if you can get your companies IT department to work with you (I work for a large company that wouldn’t budge on opening ports for non-corporate VOIP). If not, the simplest solution is to not connect to your companies Wi-Fi network. I wish there were simply a button for Wi-Fi preferred calling or cellular preferred calling.

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I’ll second that request. Like you, our corporate Wi-Fi blocks the VOIP ports. I have a strong GSM signal, but incoming calls want to first try Wi-Fi. Apparently, something in RW’s sequence allows the phone to ring through. I see the caller ID, but then lose the connection. Apparently the call isn’t hitting the blocked ports until later in the sequence. The caller often calls back, and if I hit ANSWER before the call is dropped, then I’ll have a GSM call and all is well. Outbound calls are always reliable because they start on cellular.

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